Bubble Bucks Rewards is our Customer Loyalty Program. For every $1 you spend online, you will automatically receive 1 point towards a great selection of Vermont Soap products you know and love, and maybe some new ones you haven’t tried yet. YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE TO RECEIVE BUBBLE BUCKS

What can I redeem my Bubble Bucks for?

You can redeem your Bubble Bucks from this selection of products – check them out here.

How do I redeem my Bubble Bucks?

Login to your account, go to ‘My Bubble Bucks‘, click Redeem. Choose your reward and checkout as normal. Rewards start as low as 50 points.

Do I get points for money spent on shipping?

No because we pass along our lowest negotiated rates to our customers, we are unable to award points for money spent on shipping.

Can I earn Bubble Bucks for purchases made at the Factory Outlet in Middlebury?

Sorry No – Bubble Bucks are only for orders placed online at shop.vermontsoap.com where they are automatically tallied by our shopping cart in the cloud. YOU MUST ORDER ONLINE TO RECEIVE BUBBLE BUCKS

Do my points expire?

No, they do not.

If I am a business and order wholesale, can I earn points?

No, the program is for retail online purchases only.

Can I redeem my points or gift certificates for cash?

This is a Customer Loyalty Program. Points can be redeemed for select products at shop.vermontsoap.com.

Are my points transferrable?

Points belong to the customer who made the purchase to earn them.