What is the weight of your bar soap?

What is the weight of your bar soap? Excellent Question! One day old bar soap averages 4.25oz (120.5g). Under ideal drying conditions this is reduced to 3.75 (106g) to 3.85 (109g) in 30 days. We label our soap as 3.25oz … Continued

Do you sell soap making machinery?

 Do you have the organic soap processed machine? if yes how much per unit? We make soap, but we do not sell the machines. We buy used equipment and modify them, an expensive and difficult task. It is often easier … Continued

Making Soap Again!

We resumed liquid soap production this week at Vermont Soap, 116 days since the fire that drove us from our old factory. New kettles are coming online every week!

When will pet shampoo be available again?

Hi Larry, Approximately how long before the pet shampoo will be available. Thanks for your help. Regards, Diane Hi Diane, We are getting back into production now. 3-4 weeks. You can also use any of our castile liquid soaps. Tea … Continued

Factory Rebuilding

Our rebuilding efforts continue full steam ahead. Here’s a look at the past two months of construction in the wet room, where our kettles are being installed this week!

Update From The Soapman

Vermont Soap Founder and CEO Larry Plesent fills us in on what’s been happening for the past month as he works to rebuild our factory.