GOOD Ingredients

Previous “Ingredient of the Month” columns have focused on topical ingredients to avoid, generally petrochemical based materials and specific preservatives like Triclosan™ and Butyl Parabens. Let’s talk some GOOD ingredients to look for, like plant-based vegetable oils. Remember; “Good ingredients” … Continued

Antimicrobial Chemicals

In this column we will continue to explore Green Chemistry and how it impacts the transition to a more sustainable society. This month’s focus is on antimicrobial chemicals. The word “antimicrobial” is regulated by the FDA. They control the meaning … Continued

Synthetic Chemicals

Welcome to another addition of our mini course in Green Chemistry. I cannot guarantee that paying attention to the synthetic chemicals around you will give you a longer or healthier life. I can however guarantee that if you do NOT … Continued

Ingredient of the Month

Welcome to a new feature of; The Ingredient of the Month. In this space we will explore the relationship between natural and artificial ingredients that are ubiquitous in our modern lifestyles and their relationship to the biological systems that … Continued

In-depth Information on Making Potash

In-depth Information on Making Potash

Potash is the byproduct of running water through ashes, and an essential ingredient in village soapmaking. For an in-depth article on making potash – click here.    

Ghana 2005 Solar Shea Drier Mission

Ghana 2005 Solar Shea Drier Mission

Sponsored by USAID Farmserve Program and OIC International Larry Plesent – Volunteer This solar shea nut drier, or drying tunnel, is based on the original work pioneered by Dr. Peter Lovett PhD., of Tamale, Ghana. Dr. Lovett is the world’s … Continued