Let Vermont Soap be YOUR soap factory!

If you are considering expanding your line, outsourcing your in-house production, or you have a cool personal care idea or Magic Botanical Ingredient and are looking for a reliable factory to work with; give us a call! We would be happy to work with you to make your product a reality. Please see our Private Label FAQ page for more information. And then give us a call!

When it comes to organic pet and people products from shea butter to deodorant to soap, Vermont Soap is the supplier you have been looking for. We offer numerous products for organic personal care, from skincare and hygiene to oral care, anti-aging and specialty cleaning.

We can package your private label personal care items in a variety of sizes. Contact your private label specialist about your project for options.

Vermont Soap is a USDA Organic Processor/Handler

We can bring your natural and organic product through the organic certification process for you. Vermont Soap can put your product and label through organic certification for you. We charge an initial fee of $100/sku and an annual resubmission fee of $100/sku. Or, you can fill and go without making a USDA certified organic label claim.