Vermont Soap is 25!

In honor of our 25th year in business, we are offering 25% off list on all products at our retail outlet in Middlebury, VT from January 3rd to the 14th! Click here for a full history of Vermont Soap Click … Continued

Positions Available at Vermont Soap

Middlebury, VT Email resume to: Production Assistant (40 hrs): Ideal candidate is physically fit and has good hand/eye coordination. This is an entry level job that can lead to a Soap maker position. Work on various filling line mix … Continued

Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays from Vermont Soap! There are a few things we needed to let you know about for this holiday season: We sell handmade organic bar soap by pound! Check out the Sampling Bar and try out stuff before you … Continued

Organic Rules Change…. Again….

Regulation is a somewhat fluid process that changes with input and over time. Nowhere is this truer than with the US organic food regulations to which certified organic processors and marketers are audited to. Just two years ago Washington made … Continued

RIP Triclosan

Well, it finally happened. After 20 years of railing against Triclosan (tri-chlorine sanitizer) and it’s potentially dangerous side effects, it is heartening to see the FDA step up to the plate and call out this dangerous topical biocide. Triclosan is … Continued

Vermont Soap featured on The Complete Herbal Guide recently featured our Sweet Orange Bar Soap in a beauty review: Vermont Soap treats skin to a total cleansing experience with their citrus oils in their sweet orange soap. Citrus Oils are often thought of mostly for light, summery … Continued

Toxic Toothpaste

The Cornucopia Institute recently released a report about all the toxins and carcinogens found in toothpaste. The FDA has no power to review products before they go on the market. Companies do not have to list all of the ingredients … Continued