Making Soap Again!

We resumed liquid soap production this week at Vermont Soap, 116 days since the fire that drove us from our old factory. New kettles are coming online every week!

Factory Rebuilding

Our rebuilding efforts continue full steam ahead. Here’s a look at the past two months of construction in the wet room, where our kettles are being installed this week!

Walmart Goes Organic???

As if Walmart hasn’t done enough already, they’re invading the organic food market: When Walmart announced in April that it was introducing the Wild Oats brand of organic food products in 2,000 stores, some food-justice advocates grew excited. In U.S. … Continued

Pesticides and Children

We come into contact with so many pesticides everyday, children usually more often than most. In the recent TIME magazine article “Why Organic Is the Right Choice for Parents”, TIME explores the benefits of choosing organic foods for yourself and … Continued

Two New Limited Edition Flavors!

We have two new limited edition flavors up for sale in our store: Cinnamon and Lavender Rose! Our new Cinnamon Clove bar is a blend of essential oils with a clove-ey overtone. Excellent for combination skin and oily zones. Lavender … Continued

A Tight Squeeze!

The building had old inefficient lights. We have had the electricians in to replace those lights with new efficient “high bay” florescent lights. They give more light, for less electricity. It’s greener! The catch is that the ceiling is so … Continued

Vermont Soap finds silver lining after fire

The Rutland Herald recently wrote an article about the fire at our factory and our recovery efforts. For Larry Plesent, last month’s fire that seriously damaged his Exchange Street business turned into an unexpected opportunity to expand his organic soap … Continued

Take THAT Toxic Chemicals!

It is a good time to be living in Vermont! Gov. Shumlin has officially signed a bill into law to regulate toxic chemicals in children’s products: The Vermont Department of Health will list potentially harmful chemicals on its website starting … Continued