Antimicrobial Chemicals (Part 1)

In this column we will continue to explore Green Chemistry and how it impacts the transition to a more sustainable society. This month’s focus is on antimicrobial chemicals. The word “antimicrobial” is regulated by the FDA. They control the meaning … Continued

Antimicrobial Chemicals (Part 2)

OK – What about antibacterial soap products? Enhancing the germ killing effects of soap and water with industrial level germ killing chemicals may seem like a good idea on the surface. However, once we look deeply nto it red flags … Continued

Synthetic Chemicals

Welcome to another addition of our mini course in Green Chemistry. I cannot guarantee that paying attention to the synthetic chemicals around you will give you a longer or healthier life. I can however guarantee that if you do NOT … Continued

Ingredient of the Month

Welcome to a new feature of; The Ingredient of the Month. In this space we will explore the relationship between natural and artificial ingredients that are ubiquitous in our modern lifestyles and their relationship to the biological systems that … Continued