Meet Sandy

This Is Sandy Lincoln. She Keeps Her Bakery Clean with Nontoxic Cleaning Products from Vermont Soap. You Can Do The Same At Home!


5 Responses to “Meet Sandy”

  1. Ken Kozick

    This Liquid Sunshine stuff, is it similar to the “orange sunshine” I used to experiment with back in 1968? If so, send me a case.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Dani Glaser

    I use all Vermont Soap products to clean my home and recommend the same to commercial clients. Many are skeptical about using these products in stores and offices. This video is very helpful and I will pass it on. Thanks Sandy’s Books and Bakery for sharing your best practices. Cheers!

  3. Kristina Aaronson

    Loved watching this video on FB…took me back to Rochester and your cafe…nice to know you are still going strong!

  4. susan shaw

    I’m impressed with the whole shebang…..Sandy’s energy, the fine look of her business and the actual video with perfect music. Oh, and Liquid Sunshine is all I want to use/ALways on my mind!

  5. Kelly

    Beautiful!!! Way to go!


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