Private Label Services

Let Vermont Soap be YOUR virtual soap factory!

When Larry Plesent established Vermont Soap in 1992 he went looking for organic foaming bases from which to create a line of products to replace detergent based surfactants in his formulations. At the time, these soap bases simply did not exist. So he built a soap factory and went to work. In order to maximize the equipment Vermont Soap began private label production of bar and liquid soaps, foams and sprays, salves and butters, and organic alcohol based products for other enlightened companies looking for safe, effective and nontoxic formulations as well as creating his own brand.

Vermont Soap is a USDA Organic Processor/Handler and can bring your natural and organic product through the organic certification process for you. Vermont Soap can put your product and label through organic certification for you. We charge an initial fee of $100/sku. The annual resubmission fee is $50/sku. Or, fill and go without making a USDA certified organic label claim.

Vermont Soap also holds a Homeland Security license as a cosmetic alcohol handler. Let us quote your next natural/organic sanitizing product for you!

Custom products or packaging require a 1400+/- per sku minimum for filling. Mixology projects are done in multiples of 50 gallons. If this volume seems a bit high for you check out the 500* Program outlined below:

500* Piece Private Label Program

Looking for a way to get your store name and logo or private label onto high quality certified organic body care and cleaning products without having to order thousands of pieces at a time?

Vermont Soap’s 500* Piece Private Label Program may be just the thing for you! We will put YOUR label on any Vermont Soap product (our bottle and contents, no changes) with minimum of only a 500 pieces per sku! Prices mirror our wholesale pricing schedule plus your label (labels cost about .25 or so in rolls of 1000). Your labels on our great products at wholesale cost! Click here to see the format that fits our labeling machines.

Contact us now for more information and a quote: or call 1-866-SOAP-4U2

Due to the incredible success of this program, we’re changing the quantity of our most popular products!

Here are the new numbers:

8oz foamers and 16oz bottles (NOT spray products) – 512 piece minimum (16 cases of 32pcs)

8oz gel – 504 minimum (18 cases of 28)

8oz cylinder bottles – 480 minimum (8 cases of 60)


Short Run Filling

Consider contracting with Vermont Soap for your short run (up to 100,000 units) filling needs. Prices vary project to project, and volume discounts are the rule of the day. Give us a call and ask to speak with one of our private label specialists.



Natural products have very slight variations in color, aroma and/or texture from batch to batch. Settling and separation can and will occur. We recommend “shake lightly before use” instructions on all privately labeled bottled products. We always recommend using opaque bottles rather than transparent ones.