ecobands“EcoBands are the BEST thing to happen to sustainable packaging since the invention of corrugated cardboard”.

Larry R Plesent
CEO Vermont Soap

EcoBands are the sensible, retailer friendly way to combine two bottled products together to make instant kits, introduce and sample new products, and create special offers. They are easy to use, inexpensive and demonstrate your commitment to creating a more sustainable future starting RIGHT NOW.

When Vermont Soap wanted to attach a small sample bottle to a larger one, we went looking for an ecological and sustainable way to accomplish this.

“We had a packaging summit. Every packaging supplier we had was invited. We examined half dozen solutions and rejected every one of them. We did not want to use solution that were plastic dependent, and we soundly reject the excessive packaging approach to marketing so trays that held both bottles were off the table. The group looked me straight in the eye and told me to a person that it couldn’t be done. I picked up a pair of scissors and a piece of carton material. The EcoBand was born! It went through several incarnations before emerging in its current form.”

Imagine a plastic zip tie made of carton material. Carton material is like thick card stock and it connects to itself to form a strong cylinder that will hold one bottle to another.

EcoBands are currently available in two commonly used adjustable sizes.

Eco Bands

Eco1 is ¾” wide by 9” long. Use it to hold a 1-2oz sample bottle to an 8-16oz bottle.

Eco2 is ¾” wide by 12.5” long and is suitable for slightly larger applications.

Ecobands cost just pennies each. Contact Vermont Soap for samples and a quote: 1-866-SOAP-4U2