OK – it’s a silly name. But there is nothing silly about being in business for yourself on a $298 investment.120-bar-crate-slim

Here’s what’s up: Vermont Soapworks makes truckloads of handmade, cold-processed, organic, aromatherapy and herbal bar soaps every year. We sell around the world under many private labels.

We are creating a nationwide network of individual soap entrepreneurs LIKE YOU! Buy the soap at wholesale and sell it at retail – the bigger your order – the lower your cost. We give you the exact pricing tier discounts that we give all our regular wholesale customers.

$298 gets you going!

You will receive: 120 bars of handmade aromatherapy bar soaps ($2.48ea), made from 100% certified organic vegetable oils and herbal extracts. No animal products or testing (the Honey soap contains pure Vermont Honey). As your business grows so will your orders – the more you buy – the lower your cost.

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YES, you can sell under your own brand!
You can sell under our Vermont Soap Organics name – or create your own brand and packaging. Make your own names and labels to customize your crate.

Where do I sell my natural soap?

Farmer’s Markets, Craft Shows, Flea Markets, Holiday Shows, Local Co-ops and Natural Product Stores, Natural Gift Stores and Boutiques, Country Stores, Home Parties, Web Sites – to anyone, anywhere with sensitive skin issues!

How much do I sell my soap for?

You can sell the bars for $5 direct to the consumer or whatever price is right for your situation.

Does Vermont Soap Organics run Specials?

You bet! We sometimes have overstock, experiments and seconds (dented or off weight) that we offer at a substantial discount.

Can I visit Vermont Soap Organics?

Please do! Use the map or call for directions. We are a real factory and love to give informative Factory Tours to our business customers. The more you know – the more you will sell.

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What kind of commitment must I make to this business?

As much or as little as you wish! You are your own independent business, buying Factory Direct and reselling in your area. You work as much as your schedule allows. Our only requirement is that you meet our $100 minimum for all wholesale orders. There are no other minimums or requirements.

How do you ship to me?

All orders are shipped by your choice of USPS or FedEx. We can ship via UPS on your account it you wish. Shipping costs are not included in our prices and add about 10 cents per bar on the average. The more you buy – the lower the shipping cost per bar.

How do I pay for my soap?

MasterCard, VISA, or Discover. Prepayment by check or money order.

What additional support will the factory give me?

Technical support for one. We will quickly give you the answers to questions concerning products, product benefits, displays, pricing, etc. You can rely on our expertise to help your business succeed.

What if I want to sell other Vermont Soap products?

Our motto is “We make it – You sell it!”. You are welcome to purchase ANY of our products in bulk or packaged as per our wholesale pricing schedule. Your only requirement is to meet our $100 minimum on each order/reorder.

I am already selling stuff I make at fairs – can I still sell your stuff?

You bet! Handmade soap makes a great addition to ANY craft, body care or folklore line you may currently be selling. If you are currently selling products, consider putting a less than 2 feet wide by 15 inches deep 120 Bar Crate into the mix!

What do I do to get started?

Try our soap! You have to know and LOVE it to sell it. Study our website. There is a lot of information here for you to digest. Place a $298 opening order for a 120 Bar Crate. We will include a free display and free soap flavor strip. Try your first show – most people sell through the display very quickly. It is common for the next order to be significantly larger – with resulting savings to you. The bigger your order – the lower your costs!

What if I want to return my soap?

Bars that are sent back to us clean, fresh, undamaged, and in marketable condition will be credited back to you. Substandard (non-marketable product) receives no credit. You must pay the shipping back to us, but if you do not want to be in the handmade soap selling business, we will reimburse you within 2 weeks of receipt of returned product.

All products come with a 100% satisfaction 90-day, unconditional manufacturer’s guarantee.