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Instant Soap Business

OK – it’s a silly name. But there is nothing silly about being in business for yourself on a $298 investment.

Here’s what’s up: Vermont Soapworks makes truckloads of handmade, cold-processed, organic, aromatherapy and herbal bar soaps every year. We sell around the world under many private labels.

We are creating a nationwide network of individual soap entrepreneurs LIKE YOU! Buy the soap at wholesale and sell it at retail – the bigger your order – the lower your cost. We give you the exact pricing tier discounts that we give all our regular wholesale customers.

$298 gets you going!

You will receive: 120 handmade bar soaps, made from 100% certified organic vegetable oils and herbal extracts. No animal products* or testing.

*The Honey soap contains pure Vermont Honey and the Lavender Pearl contains pearls from happy, cultured oysters.

YES, you can sell under your own brand!

You can start a soap making business or sell under our Vermont Soap Organics name – or create your own brand and packaging. Make your own names and labels to customize your crate.

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