Plants Got You Scratching? Look No Further.

Picture this: you’re out in your garden, weeding away on a gorgeous day. All is well as you methodically swipe through the understory of your plants, gathering and pulling up the unwelcome seedlings, and tossing them off to the side.

Until, that is, you unknowingly grasp a wild parsnip. Before you have time to react, your hand and arms begin to welt up with tiny blisters. Perfect day, ruined.

Everyone knows to watch out for the dreaded itch-monster: Poison Ivy. But there are a number of other plants scattered throughout your yard, garden and woods that can cause some serious itchiness.

Alongside our friends Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac, stinging nettles can appear out of nowhere and almost perfectly replicate a bee sting. Ragweed causes skin rashes. Hogweed and parsnips both cause rashes and blistering. The list goes on…

But don’t let these culprits keep you from enjoying the great outdoors or your own yard. Our Plant Itch Fast Relief combines some of the best itch relieving, naturally derived ingredients known to man. And, it comes in a conveniently sized 4 oz bottle to take with you, or a whole gallon if you’re in need of epic-sized relief.

The concoction starts with a base of coconut, jojoba, and olive oils, all of which are known to be incredibly soothing. Also added is oat extract, which is an age-old alternative to calamine lotion. Topped off with a little Aloe Vera and Jewelweed, this recipe is guaranteed to take your plant itches away. As always, you can feel safe knowing our Plant Itch Fast Relief is 100% natural, cruelty free, and GMO free.