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Our Containers

All of our bottles/containers are BPA free and non-toxic. We use PET, LDPE and HDPE plastics to package our products because they are the safest plastics available on the market today.

PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) is a plastic resin and the most common type of polyester. Many beverages, food items and other consumer products are delivered in bottles or packages made from PET. We like it because it’s safe, strong, transparent and versatile, not to mention lightweight, shatter-resistance and recyclable. Up to 100% of a PET package can be made from recycled PET, and the material can be recycled again and again.

Polyethylene plastics are the most common used. We use LDPE plastics (low density polyethylene) and HDPE (high density polyethylene) for some of our products. They are both super strong, but lightweight; impact resistant; resist mold, mildew, rotting, and insects; and are easily recycled. The biggest difference between them is that LDPE is thinner and more flexible, which is why it’s commonly used to make squeeze bottles.


Products packaged with PET:

  • Air Fresh 16oz
  • Bath Salt
  • Suzdy Putty
  • Green Stuff
  • Camp and Garden Lotion 4oz
  • Plant Itch 4oz
  • Camo Clean 4oz
  • Castile Liquid Soap 8oz and 16oz
  • Foaming Hand Soap 16oz refill
  • Liquid Sunshine Spray & Wipe 16oz
  • Unscented Liquid Sunshine Spray & Wipe 16oz
  • Liquid Sunshine Concentrate 8oz, 16oz, 38oz
  • Unscented Liquid Sunshine Concentrate 8oz, 16oz, 38oz
  • Green Car Cleaner
  • Organic African Shea Nut Butter
  • Pocket Shea Butter
  • Pocket Arnica
  • Green Gold
  • Honey Love Beauty Mask
  • Honey Love Clay Mask
  • Choco-Luscious Organic Skin Smoothie
  • Horse Shampoo 16oz, 38oz
  • Pet Shampoo 16oz
  • Yoga and Exercise Mat Cleaner 4oz, 16oz

Products packaged with LDPE:

  • Tooth Salts

Products packaged with HDPE:

  • All gallon bottles
  • Body Foam
  • 8oz Foaming Hand Soap