Responsible Sourcing

At Vermont Soap we take the sourcing of our materials and ingredients very seriously.

Good Palm Oil Practices

Palm oil is a superior replacement for the beef tallow soapmakers used to use in bygone days. Organic palm oil is full of botanical goodies that nourish your skin. Vermont Soap buys it by the tractor trailer load, so we take it’s sourcing very seriously. We selected Agropalma Brazil as a provider because of their sound practices and proximity to the US, minimizing the impact of our ingredients. We were pleased to have our decision validated by Greenpeace’s findings.

Click here to learn more, and review the report card.

Read an article about our palm oil distributors exceptional sustainability.

IBS Certificate

Good Tea Tree Oil Practices

Larry and David the Tea Tree Farmer Sharing a Few Laughs

Larry and Howard the Tea Tree Farmer Sharing a Few Laughs

Tea Tree oil is highly effective as controlling skin fugus, and in controlling acne. We use a lot of Tea Tree oil at Vermont Soap, and wanted to be sure we were getting a pure product made by honest and reputable people. We found that in our friend Howard Owen who grows and distills our Tea Tree Oil in Australia at his Northern Rivers Tea Tree Plantation.

Click here to learn more about Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Good Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Practices

Vermont Soap sources its Philippine coconut oil and South American cocoa butter through CIRANDA, a member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association. No slave labor or child labor is used and members have to do annual reporting on a wide variety of metrics. Learn more here.


Formaldehyde Free Packaging

Vermont Soap believes our packaging should be just as non-toxic as the products we put in it.

Click here to read our Letter of Continuing Guarantee that our plastic containers are formaldehyde free.


Safe Aloe

The company we get our aloe from, Terry Laboratories’, will not be classified by OEHHA as a Proposition 65 chemical. The OEHHA listing identifies the chemical concerned as “Aloe Vera, non-decolorized whole leaf extract”. All of Terry Laboratories’ products (inner leaf and whole leaf) are decolorized during processing and therefore are not subject to the Proposition 65 listing.

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American Made Tubes

The company that makes the deodorant tubes we use, Lombardi Design & Manufacturing, is located in New York State and is 80% hydro powered.

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