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Contract Filling

Let Vermont Soap be your one stop shop for all filling needs. Prices vary project to project, and volume discounts are the rule of the day. Vermont Soap makes and fills Liquid, Gel and Bar soaps, herbal oils, salves and balms, deodorant sticks, salts, powders and sprays. We are only interested in making and promoting natural products and do not usually work with artificial fragrances.

Our “Hot Fill” minimum is 132 lbs of product per run. 650 of our 3.25oz deodorants or 1,100 1.9oz jars for example. When you are just getting going we can fill two sizes of the same product with an additional label change over fee of $50. Hot Fill products include Shea butter, salve and balms, deodorants and butters in .3oz to 16oz pots or jars.

Please see our FAQ page for more information or contact one of our private label specialists.