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Vermont Soap Stars in New Commercial for Clear Water Filtration

April 15, 2016

Meet Larry Plesent, a man who professionally grows crystals (soap crystals, that is) and adds the kind of value that can only be found in Vermont products. Larry’s soap crystals are extremely sensitive to foreign chemicals in his water, so he needs the most reliable water filtration he can get. Clear Water Filtration – Vermont…

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Bar Soaps are Back in Production!

October 14, 2014

We have resumed production of bar soap and are adding capacity every week.

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Making Soap Again!

October 7, 2014

We resumed liquid soap production this week at Vermont Soap, 116 days since the fire that drove us from our old factory. New kettles are coming online every week!

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Factory Rebuilding

September 11, 2014

Our rebuilding efforts continue full steam ahead. Here’s a look at the past two months of construction in the wet room, where our kettles are being installed this week!

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Update From The Soapman

July 8, 2014

Vermont Soap Founder and CEO Larry Plesent fills us in on what’s been happening for the past month as he works to rebuild our factory.

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CCTV Faces of Africa

June 4, 2014

The organization Just Shea is a social business created to increase the leverage, income and safety of women in Ghana. Just Shea buys the nuts from the women who collect them, and sells them to other local women for processing. All proceeds from these sales go toward building and maintaining the Shea nut silos. Watch…

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Meet Sandy

May 2, 2014

This Is Sandy Lincoln. She Keeps Her Bakery Clean with Nontoxic Cleaning Products from Vermont Soap. You Can Do The Same At Home!

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February 6, 2013

Truth about GMOs explained in new educational cartoon for the whole family. Have fun! [jwplayer config=”Large Video” mediaid=”1146″] From and sponsored by, this new animated cartoon covers all the basics on why GMOs are dangerous.

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Organic Bar Soap Making – Video

February 1, 2013

This short video shows the 30 day process that we use to make our organic bar soaps. It takes organic food grade ingredients, world class base formulas, and tricks of the soapmaking trade garnered from 20+ years of soapmaking experience to make a bar soap of THIS quality.

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Making Organic Liquid Castile Soap – Video

February 1, 2013

Cool video showing some of our unique process for making liquid castile soap. High quality raw materials and this special process results in what we believe is the best liquid castile soap available today.

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