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Test Your Skin Type

We get a lot of questions from people regarding skin type. First, not all of us have one specific skin type year in and year out. Oiliness and dryness can change with weather, hormonal cycles, diet, emotions, environmental sensitivities, disease and genetics. Many people get dry skin in the Winter and feel oily in the Summer. At other times you may want a medicinal bar. Sounds pretty natural to me! Adjust your soaps accordingly. You will probably find one or two products that you use most often.

Where are you on the skin type spectrum?

Here’s a simple test you can do to check your skin type:

  • Take a cotton ball and moisten it with Witch Hazel or rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub the moist cotton along the side of your nose.
  • Wait ten minutes.
  • Repeat
  • Examine the second cotton ball. If the cotton is dirty, you tend to have oily skin.
  • If the cotton is clean, you tend to have dry skin.

Use this test to help match the herbal combinations to your skin type.

Look for the skin type spectrum labels on our bar soaps or Shop by Skin Type.