What is the Soapbox?

This is the place for the curious consumer. Have you heard conflicting stories about what’s “natural” and what’s not? Do you have sensitive skin and want to make sure you’re buying something safe yet effective? Here we answer some of our most asked questions about the fundamentals of soap, skin health and science.  Click each link to read more.


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Vermont Soap Blog

Here you’ll find helpful tips for buying and using our products, insights on ingredients and their impact on your health, and what we’re up to here at Vermont Soap.

What is Soap?

Have you ever stopped and wondered, what is soap? Soap is fascinating stuff, and if you’re curious about saponification (making soap) then this is your stop!

What is Natural?

Many products on the market today claim to be “natural” — but that can mean a lot of different things! Read here to make sense of the confusion.

pH, Soap and Skin

Some brands advertise that their products are “pH balanced for skin”, which sounds good, but there’s more to the story. Here’s the real skinny on pH, soap, and skin — based on real science.

The Antimicrobial Controversy

We all want to avoid spreading germs, but antimicrobials — the stuff found in antibacterial soaps and other products — can cause more harm than good. Take a look at these studies.

The Sulfate Controversy

Sulfates are used in toothpastes, shampoos, bath gels, dish detergents, bar “soaps”, laundry detergents, and more. In Western society, they’re everywhere! We steer clear of any of that yucky stuff, and here’s why.