Using several years–I’m a DEVOTED FAN, will never buy soap fm another company. Gentle, nondrying perfect for everyone. This soap is heaven on earth!

Christine C

You guys filled a huge void when creating your amazing organic deodorant. It was not only organic but it was effective.


I just wanted to let your company know that my family and I have been using your products for years. You guys are doing a fantastic job. If you keep supplying; we will keep on buying. Thank you and have a wonderful year.

Jason Brandon

I’ve been using your products for a while now and I’d just like to say how much I love them. From someone with super sensitive skin, it’s a miracle that I can find shower products that don’t irritate me and smell phenomenal! My favorite so far is the Peppermint bar soap, it’s so refreshing and nice.


I just wanted to thank you for your great customer service! I also love your products and am so happy to have received my Sage-Lime Deodorant back. I feel terrible that such a wonderful company had to endure a fire and its aftermath. While your deodorant was unavailable, I tried Weldela’s Sage spray which had alcohol and often stung and it wasn’t nearly as effective. I also tried another one which I returned after 3 days and I do not remember the name, but it was slimy and gritty and had zero effectiveness. I had to hand wash my shirts every day when I got home to get rid of the odor. I also tried another spray which had a nice smell and was better than the previous two, but paled in comparison of Vermont Soap. You have a wonderful company and nice people who work there! Your hard work and efforts have made a wonderful company and products, but also your has contributed to your survival of this unfortunate fire. I applaud your resiliency and consistency!

Thank you!


I am enjoying your soaps. I see and feel an enormous change in my skin. I will be ordering in bulk now that I’ve landed on which soaps are best for what I require. Tea tree oil for my face, unscented aloe n oats for body, and butter bar for hand soap. Big reduction in break outs on both face and body. And hardly any cracks on my finger tips all winter(a small miracle). Customer for life!


For the last three years I have had terribly dry and cracked hands. I have tried 20 different kinds of soaps and lotions and nothing worked. Four months ago I began getting tiny water filled blisters on my hands and fingers. After researching and researching I sound your site and read about you soaps. I placed an order on Amazon.com for non scented foaming hand soap and received it Friday. In three day my hands are no longer cracked and dry and my water filled blisters gone.

I have never written a letter to a company but I had to thank you guys for making such a great product. I will recommend it to all my friends and family.


I initially contacted VT Soap Company because my 5 month old son was having severe skin irritations and I wanted to see if changing soap products would help. Larry encouraged me to get rid of ALL toxic cleansers, fabric softeners, and “tear-free” soaps. He suggested I use Liquid sunshine and the gel lavender body wash for the baby (being careful not to get it in his eyes, of course). I did just as he suggested and within 2 weeks, my son’s eczema was COMPLETELY gone and I felt good knowing we were using non-toxic cleaners in our household. For me, Liquid sunshine is “liquid gold”…I absolutely love the products. We have completely changed over to all VT Soap Company products and I am so thankful. Thank you to your company for all your hard work…we are grateful!

Jen F

On a vacation trip last summer, we purchased a bottle of your pet shampoo. Our little chihuahua had dermatitis between her forelegs and on her belly that just would not clear up. After just three weeks using your shampoo, she was completely healed. We want to thank you so much for making such a fine product. Rest assured, we are now loyal customers, and Emily (the dog) cannot thank you enough!
Roma in Omaha

My husband and I recently rented a house. The kitchen cabinets have a one foot space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. When I finally got around to cleaning the tops, it became obvious they had not been cleaned (but maybe once) since the house was built in the 1970’s. To make a long story very short, in the course of three days I tried cleaning with degreaser – it did not work and smelled toxic! I tried cleaning with Spic and Span® – no results – the dirt just sort of balled up and stuck to the wood. I considered scouring pads or perhaps a scraper. I decided to try Vermont Soap Company Liquid Sunshine (which I use as a non-toxic kitchen soap). VOILA!! I poured the soap on a scrubbing sponge, made a lather and the Sunshine Soap completely dissolved the dirt and greasy grime. In the space of 1 1/2 hours we cleaned 5 yards x 12 inches of cabinet tops!!

Thank you for your wonderful product.
Margaret A

I am going to sing praises for Liquid Sunshine. I have purchased it not so long ago and used it and liked it. I have an old range hood that we are putting on a garage sale that I am having in the morning. I waited to the last minute to clean that beast because it was sticky greasy smoke film – ick! I knew I would have to pitch my sponge because it would also be so gross. I started with scouring powder and that worked, but needed alot of elbow work. I was soaking the screen in the sink with Liquid Sunshine, so I had the gallon bottle on the counter. I tried some full strength and it made a path right through. I poured some into a container and dunked my sponge, then just wiped the sponge across an area. I let it sit for a minute and came back and wiped with a wet cloth. It went through the grease and sticky and smoke film with no effort. I dunked an old toothbrush into full strength LS and brushed the screen and it brought that back to silver. Oh, and it cleaned my sponge too. No sticky icky spots on it from scrubbing!! I know that I will not be without Liquid Sunshine.

Thank you
Mary L

Dear VT Soap People,

Your soap is fabulous. I use it at home, at my business, and give it away for gifts. My daughter has never been washed with anything else. I love that I can come into the factory store and pick out several pounds of soap, without any packaging. I love that I can buy a gallon of the foaming soap for my workplace and fill up the dispenser over and over. Taking care of our precious planet is very important to me, and I can tell it is for you, too.

In that light, I wonder if you would ever consider manufacturing a shampoo and conditioner. I sure would love to be able to buy locally produced shampoo and conditioner!

Thanks for all your great work!!

Joanna, Middlebury,VT

Hello, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your circumspection about the term “chemical free” on the what is natural page. I was looking it up online to show a co-worker that it has no real meaning, and came across your site. It is a term very misused in society today, and is meaningless in and of itself (since only a perfect vacuum is “chemical free” as I knew and as your company also understands).

It is refreshing to see that at least some companies (Vermont Soap in this case) acknowledge the expression and define the properties of their products in other meaningful terms. I will definitely browse your products to see if any of them would be useful to me.

To answer the question that leads to this email address – natural to me means that the product is made of primary items found in nature (chemicals derived from natural sources like plants and minerals) which are processed as little as possible. However, I believe that chemicals that can be synthesized, yet are found in nature (sodium hydroxide and ethyl alcohol for example) could be considered natural.

Of course, natural doesn’t mean safe. cyanide, botulism and ricin are natural…

If I may offer a suggestion — it may be worthwhile to include some comments to that effect on your “whatis” page to point out that other manufacturers could use the term natural to disguise potentially harmful or toxic substances, too…

Happy Holidays!

Thank you,

Jim B.

I work outside and have problems with my feet such as athletes foot and odor. My wife makes me wash them right when I get home because as soon as I take off my boots the odor is pretty bad. I read many of the testimonials, and how this problem or that problem was cured by your soap. Call me a skeptic but I didn’t believe that soap will cure anything that medicine can’t fix.

I have to say though that after giving your Blue soap a try, I was wrong. My athletes foot was cured fast, and my wife has noticed that my foot odor has improved too.

Daniel, Branson AR

After using your soap I cannot go to the store and buy “brand x” anymore. There is literally no comparison.

Melissa B, OH

I have suffered from a nail fungus for 35 years, and been to many doctors who were unable to help me. A few years ago I came across your booth at the Big E and decided to give your Oatmeal Lavender soap a try. To my surprise, your soaps worked where medicines I had been prescribed over the years did not! This wonderful product absolutely changed my life. Thank you so much.

C. Donopria

Just a quick note to let you know how happy I am with your product. My brothers wife uses your oatmeal lavender soap and he gave me a few bars. I have extremely dry skin and I cannot believe how good I felt after using your product. I plan on making this my primary soap in the winter and recommending this to all of my relatives and friends.

Thank you, Michele S., Brattleboro VT

I really love your soap, my husband and I make our vacation in the New England States every year and we just love it the people are friendly and the country side is so pretty . I look forward to our trip to Vermont this year and look forward to visiting your store once again we were there last year and I stocked up on soap. Your products are great.

Linda Wilson, Bangor, PA

I also just wanted to say thank you so much for making such wonderful soap! My son and I both cannot tolerate commercial soap products (we get rashes that crack and bleed from them), and Vermont Soap has really been a god-send. Our skin is now healed from using your soap. Thank you!

Sincerely, Kate and Lance D.

I just want to thank you for the wonderful soaps, my son has had a terrible time with teenage acne and I initially purchased the blue bar for him to try, since we tried many “brand name” acne applications I was skeptical that this simple bar of soap would work…but after a few weeks it worked wonderful and cleared the acne, he has been using it since. Each time I order the blue bars we try a different Vermont soap and have loved each one we have tried, they are all excellent, the quality is outstanding! Vermont soaps have become a part of our household …please do not stop making soaps!

Thanks again, Deborah Chadbourne, Bristol CT

Hello from Oregon again,

Just a short note to let you folks know that my soap arrived today and it is absolutely heavenly. The scents are so uplifting and refreshing with their floral and herbal aroma. Makes me just want to jump into a shower right here at work… oh well, have to wait until I get home. Thank you and I will be ordering more in the future.

With sincerest regards, Daisy

I am a first time user of Liquid Sunshine and I just had to tell you how pleased I am with it. I also used it for a couple of thing you may not have on your “it does everything” list. I live in a log home and although I love it, the walls can really become dust collectors. Dusting or vacuuming them is ok but they get a dull look to them. I decided to go whole hog with my spring cleaning – got a bucket of warm water and Liquid Sunshine and wiped them down. It smelled so clean and fresh in the house and the logs had their old natural luster back. I also own a wonderful Percheron mare (born in Vermont), that I ride and drive. She can work up quite a sweat and her harness often needs cleaning. Again I took a bucket of Liquid Sunshine and cleaned it. The soap is gentle on the leather and really refreshed it. Thanks for making such a great product – I’m sure if more people tried it they’d never go back to those nasty chemical cleaners again.

Sincerely, G. C./Hamden, CT

I have had one full week of using your Oat and Lavender soap. I am so happy. I read a review on your web page about a man who had these red rashy bumps on his upper arms and by mistake he used his wife’s soap and the rashy bumps went away. So I have those same rashy bumps on my upper arms and guess what? Yep they are starting to go away. My husband has noticed and so have my co-workers. Your soap is a blessing! I now feel 100% comfortable wearing tank tops! Thank you! Thank you! I also garden all summer long and the soap works great for washing the garden off your hands and forearms it stops them from itching and burning.

Take Care, Carin

To Whom It May Concern:

I am not in the habit of writing manufacturers of anything unless to complain. But I have been so impressed with the product of yours that I used that I felt compelled to thank someone there — I trust these thanks will be passed on to the appropriate people.

To make a long and unhappy story happily shorter, I recently was infected by a very severe case of poison ivy or poison something. After seeing a doctor and rubbing on all sorts of remedies, I was told that Vermont Soap’s liquid Aloe and Castile (??) soap might work. I used it as a lotion instead of a soap and it cleared things up admirably.

Please feel free to use this as an ‘endorsement’ and rewrite as you like. I will certainly recommend your products to all my friends and acquaintances.

Again, thank you…

Best regards,

R. J. Guthrie
Managing Director
S&G International / Ferrisburg VT

Thank you! The soap is delightful… so creamy and foamy! We are definitely going to be repeat customers.

Katie and John

Gotta say I am loving the shea butter. Past couple years starting right in winter my hands – especially my right hand – dry right up and start to crack and bleed on top at the knuckles. It started up this year and I put shea butter right on it just before it was at the bleed point and it has been so much better! There is only a slight dryness to my skin now with no cracking or bleeding and that was with only a couple of applications. This stuff is great!

– Angie / Middlebury, VT

I have struggled with foot maladies from fungus to athletes foot all my adult life and have tried numerous over the counter products which have given me only mild relief. Thankfully, I have discovered your wonderful product, Pedifix Funga Soap. After using your product for several months, I have not had so much as an itch on my feet! Thank you so much for your products, but especially for Pedifix Funga Soap!

JS Laberge, Middlebury, Vermont

Note: Pedifix Funga Soap was developed at Vermont Soapworks for our client, Pedifix, along with a Podiatrist specializing in foot fungus conditions. A study was done proving that our natural soap based product is at least as effective as prescription medicines.

I just spoke with my mother and she wanted me to tell you that the Peppermint and Unscented Liquid Castile Soap that you sent home for my father works great! He says its the best soap he’s ever used. We’ve got another lifetime customer! When my father likes something, he really likes it. Kinda like his beer. So any way, thank you. My father is a nasty smelling, oil covered asphalt pourer. He’s the most unlikely customer. (We can finally enjoy time with him without gagging!)

– Thanks, Dannielle & Family

I want to tell you about your soaps and what it has done for me. I realize that you get mail such as this all the time, however I felt this is important to tell you. For many years I have had a rash on my forehead,
which has been quite annoying. I have gone to many of the allopathic doctors and many alternative doctors all with the same results. We tried the many cortisone creams and ointments all to no avail. We receive a bar of the Oat and lavender soap, my wife loved it and used it. Last month, I picked up the bar not thinking about it and washed as usual. At first it seemed as if it did feel different and left it that way. Now I am quite sold on this. Not only has the rash cleared it is gone and the skin on it is quite smooth again. If I may I would even say that it feels and looks younger.

As a doctor and Veterinarian I felt this was quite unlikely to happen. In fact we were not ruling out skin cancer in some of the areas. A good friend of mine, and a doctor has small traces of skin cancer and I gave a bar of soap to him. It has not cured the cancer however the skin is softer and more pliable and that means that we can work to getting some of this cancer cleared from him.

Please share this with whom ever you chose and know that we are quite happy with this soap. I am most pleased with your crew. They take the good credit for making and keeping the shop in order. If not for a great crew you would not have the great soap.
Most sincerely

– Dr. Paul S., PhD, NRD, AC, DVM

Just wanted you to know that your soaps are fantastic! I buy them in Miami at the Natural Food Market.

– S. Shaw / FL

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know I absolutely love your soap – especially the Cornmeal & Honey. Keep up the good work!

– C. Moulton / NH

I ordered from QVC, your Oatmeal Lavender soap. It helped my Psoriasis so much – I have never used anything that has helped stop the itching. The doctor has tried so many ointments and light rays (it burned me). I would like to order more and not interrupt the process. Please advise me if I can order directly.

– Lucille / CT

A few weeks ago, I purchased your Oatmeal Lavender soap brick from QVC. After trying it once, I had mentioned to my husband what a difference it made to the feel of my skin. Needless to say, my entire family is now using your Oatmeal Lavender soap!

I tried calling QVC back to order more, however, the two times I have called, it has been out of stock.

I NEED MORE SOAP! I am hoping your company has a catalog in which we may order directly from you. We would also like to try any other products you may offer.

Thank you for an excellent product and am looking forward to dealing with your company in the very near future. I would appreciate any help you can give me in obtaining this soap immediately, as we are OUT!

– B. Schneider / NJ

Loved your soap. My daughter has a skin condition and nothing worked on her skin until your great soap came along. I’ve been to 4 doctors and dozens of prescriptions – finally my 3 year olds skin in soft and smooth. Thank you – Please send 4 bars of Oatmeal Lavender. Good luck with a great product.

– Margaret

I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful your Oatmeal Lavender soap is. I purchased a brick from QVC and boy, am I glad I did.

All the soaps in the local stores make me itch. I had been buying glycerin soap, which was O.K. The first time I used your soap my skin felt so soft. I even sleep better.

Do you have any other soaps? Do you have a catalog you could send me?

– N. Vogel / PA

My entire family would like to thank you for a very wonderful product, your Oatmeal Lavender Soap. We found your product on QVC and it has been the answer to my prayer. My father, mother sister and myself all suffer with extreme dry skin and have all been helped beyond our wildest hopes. We would certainly panic if QVC was ever out of your product.

We were wondering if you had a catalog or other soaps or products that we could buy direct from your business. If so could you forward information in our enclosed envelope. Again thank you, and PLEASE don’t ever stop making Oatmeal Lavender.

– T. Trimnal / NC

I am writing to ask you for a great favor. I need if possible a book with your products and price please. I used and love your soap the lavender + oat. I think you call it a brick bar.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this soap has helped my skin, not to mention the wonderful smell. I received this soap as a gift from my best friend and I have fell in love with your soap. My skin is in terrible condition from my illness and the medicine I have to take to live.

My husband has bought me everything from $.99 to $20 bath products trying to find something that would help. Up until your soap, no luck. Now my skin feels wonderful and looks great thanks to your soap. I got the name off the carton and called to get your address, my husband told me to write you and get a book with your products so we can order, also do you have any hair products like shampoo or liquid soap or soap for men. If not it may be something to look into. I’m sure they will sell like crazy.

– P.D.A / GA

I recently purchased a “brick” of your soap from QVC. At first I was skeptical of the claims, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. I’m glad I took the chance! I’ll never use anything else! My skin is so soft and smooth and my skin does not have a tight dry feeling. I washed my hair with the soap also and after one washing I noticed a difference. I will continue to use it for my hair to eliminate the dryness and itching of the scalp that I have experienced this time of the year.

I figured that if it makes the skin on my body feel this good, the skin on my scalp would reap the same benefits also. I never would use soap on my face, but this gets the makeup off and leaves my face clean without the tight feeling of other products I have used. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I would like to send a friend of mine the soap. She has a mild eczema problem and I believe this would help her.

I would like to know if you have a line of these products and if so, could you send me a brochure. I tried to reorder from QVC but I am on a wait list. I would like to put this soap in gift baskets I am making. If you could advise me, I would appreciate your assistance. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. YOU ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IN MY BOOK.

– C. Banks / PA

I am writing to you today to tell you thank you so very much for your soap. I finally get in in time to order it on your last visit, it always sold out before my call got through.

As a QVC watcher I had seen you and heard all the people that phoned in and told how it helped them. I am 40 years old with skin as dry and rough as you’ve ever seen. I am very very ill and on many meds I have to take each day to live. Meds are great in many ways, but they also do damage, a lot of damage to your skin and hair. Since I’ve been ill for over 4 years now my husband has bought everything trying to find something that would help my skin.

I think we have tried every soap and shampoo made as well as lotions and creams. My skin is so dry that it flakes and looks terrible. I use lotion like people drink water. Not any longer thanks to your soap, everything that anyone has ever said about it on QVC is true plus more. I only wish you could have seen my skin before and now, you would not believe the difference. My arms and legs no longer look and feel terrible. They are now soft to touch and look great. No more white flaking skin. Your soap I hope and pray I am never without again, even my husband likes it. His skin was in bad shape because of the weather so I told him to try it and it helped.

Thank you for making a product that helps people like me, even if your ill you still like to try and look better than you feel.

I know you are in the soap business, but please think about going into the lotion and shampoo business also. I know if you make it, it will work as well as your soaps.

It’s nice to see someone who works hard to make a product, made in the USA that is more than just a soap. It’s like medicine for your skin, the best lotion you could put on ever. I’m proof that it works and believe me I’ve told others about your wonderful soap, even my doctors have asked me what have I done to help my skin. I even told them where they could get it, I know I’m not the only person with this type of problem.

I was a nurse for 17 years and washed my hands a thousand times a day. I only thought my skin was bad then. I only wish I had your soap my whole life, my skin would feel like a new baby. If you ever come out with other products please let me know, and if you ever need someone to tell how much this soap helps I would be happy to. Thanks for all your hard work.

– D.A. / Georgia

Just had to send a quick note saying how much I enjoy your oatmeal lavender handmade aromatherapy bar soap. Ordered one for my married daughter for the Christmas Holidays. The scent coming from the packaging was so intoxicating that I called QVC and ordered one for myself also. It is the most soothing, comforting soaps we’ve ever used….almost spiritual. Truly makes for the most delightful, enjoyable bath experience. Thank you! Thank you! Do you make any other fragrances or products? And…might I have a catalog if you have one? Again, you have a marvelous creation in your Oatmeal Lavender soap. Hate to even call it soap…. it’s more of an experience!!

– C. Johnson / Delaware

I just wanted to thank you for your WONDERFUL soaps. My 10 month old daughter Sara, gets a rash on her face above her upper lip because of pacifier use. We’ve used various creams and ointments, visits to the doctor, etc. Your Cinnamon and Spice soap was the only thing that worked!! Sara has sensitive skin and I was hesitant to try it, but my dad – your UPS guy, swears by your product and told me to try it – nothing else worked – what did I have to lose? You’ve made me and my daughter happy and thankful. Now your soaps are the only ones we use. Keep up the great work.

– K. Bullard / VT


I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your soap! It’s gentle on my skin but you definitely feel clean with NO residue
feeling. And it smells amazing too! I am a very happy customer and rave about you as often as I can. Thanks.

– Carrie / Worcester, MA


I have been using your soap for over 6 weeks and I just wanted you to know how much I love it. My skin has never looked so nice. I
even wash my hair with it. I have very fine hair and with shampoo, it would
just fly. Now it is so easy to manage, holds curl all day. Just wanted to say
thanks for such a great product.

– Gloria / Peoria, AZ


I have really put your Liquid Sunshine to the test – it really does clean
everything under the sun (i.e. bathrooms, tubs). I have mopped with it,
stainless steel sink, spot remover for laundry. I watched mustard disappear
before my eyes. Laundry soap – (extra clean and soft clothes), kitchen
cabinets, then I bathed my dog in it, yes, it worked!
I have tried every natural cleaning product on the market I could find,
looking for one that truly worked and after years of looking, I have found
the best. Your soap is the best product I have ever used. Thank you,

– Serrilla, College Grove, TN


Was on your web site and reading testimonials and decided to write one of my own in case there are others reading them that
have a liver condition. Liver disease causes extreme, unrelenting, maddening itching all over your body. Like others, I
had tried everything possible in every price range… then I found your web site as an advertiser on another daily site.
Being nosey, i clicked on to you and it’s one of the best things I have encountered. Your oatmeal/lavender soap is the
greatest. It keeps me from scratching myself raw and is a god send. I have ordered from your site and from qvc, and it is
a bargain at any price. If there is any other liver disease readers, order this soap… it will not keep you from itching,
but it makes you more comfortable and itching is minimal. I have converted a sister and two daughter in laws…it is hard
to keep soap for myself… they seem to keep wanting a new bar! Thanks again for a product that is natural and that really
and truly works… you don’t say enough about your product.

– Satisfied customer in Missouri

hey just a note of thanks,

as you can tell i am not a typist, but i have lived with dandruff for
over 20 years. i have used dandruff shampoo forever it works barely. i
tried your shampoo bar recently wow it works you have a customer for life
thank you thank you.

– Jeffrey G.

Hello. I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that I think your soaps are the BEST!!! I love them all. I found them a couple years ago
in my local health food store, Super Vitamin Outlet – Palm Harbor, Fl. He had a customer appreciation day and passed out samples of your bar
soaps. 2 years later, I am still a customer! Thank you for making such a natural soap without all the harsh chemicals! My body and mind thank

– Christie S.

I just want to write to tell you how much your product has changed my life. I first saw your soap on
QVC. I had never ordered anything from QVC and never have since. I heard a lady call in and say that
she never used anything else on her face because other soaps broke her out. I have suffered and struggled
with acne for a few years now. I got it when I was an adult. I went to at least 2 dermatologist and nothing
ever helped with my acne. I decided to order your oatmeal lavender soap. Your soap has changed my
life. My face is so much clearer now. I still have break outs but nothing like I use to. My acne had gotten
so bad, that at one point I just felt like never leaving my house again. Ever since I have used your soap, I
haven’t felt this way again. I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your soap. Please, don’t
ever stop making it. I have never found anything that has made such a difference in my skin. You have a
wonderful product. Thanks so much.

– Stephanie

Thanks. I think your products are the best I have ever used. In my last
order I got your veggie wash and LOVE it. I have given your website and
your products to many of my friends, I know a couple who are dedicated users
like myself. This is soap as it should be.

– Sharon

Now that I have been using your soap for over a year, I can’t tolerate any
other kind! You really create an outstanding product. It’s also reassuring
to know that there are companies like yours that really care about the
environment and using natural ingredients.

– Faye S. / Rochester, VT

Thank you very much for your reply. I actually happened upon your Lavender soap in 1996 when I was taking a day drive
from Newport where I worked on yachts. I was in an antique bookstore in southern Vermont and saw your product and the owner
told me about it. I have had plastic surgery on my face from going through a windshield in an auto accident and have always
had highly allergic skin. God’s honest truth…your soap is the first soap that I have used that I have absolutely no
reaction to in 20 years. I also will cut up the brick in to smaller pieces to make drawer sachets for gifts. I cannot tell
you how very grateful I am for your product. Photo attached so you can see what a good surgeon and your product can do.
Have a wonderful Monday.

– All the best, Marilyn / FL

We have just returned from a 3 day Medieval event. Every ounce of my soul, body, and medieval garb seriously stinks… but
thanks to your liquid sweet orange soap… I have showered, shampooed, shaved, and
washed our clothing back into a calm and peaceful smell and sense of well-being. Thank you for the best liquid environmentally safe soap!

– Kris and Tony

Thank you so much for your liquid sunshine. I have suffered with chronic
dermatitis for two years and since I started using your new natural
detergent in replacement for commercial synthetics my problem is gone.

I did run out and my wife substituted All detergent and for the last two
weeks I have been itching like crazy.

Please rush 5 gallons to my office ASAP I need my relief.

Best Regards,


Robert M. Brown

Vice President

I recently purchased two bars of your soap at a health
foods store and like it very much. The old fashioned packaging is especially
nice and the quotes on the side of the box are a nice touch! Keep up the
good work.

– Allison

I just wanted to say that as a fellow soap crafter, I am truly impressed and inspired by the information on your website. Your anecdotal stories made me laugh, your information is truly informative rather than a plethora of words that mean nothing, and your product line is something all soap crafters should look toward as an example of what to do right. I am struggling to establish my own identity as a company and a crafter, and it is helpful to see businesses like yours that set a wonderful example of how important our products are to the eco-minded consumer. Thank you. I have requested wholesale information from you in a separate email and truly look forward to receiving it.

– Brandi Sparkman, owner/crafter

I would like to tell you that I was skeptical when a lady friend of mine told me to try your soap. She had purchased it from QVC and I thought it was “just a girl thing”. Being the only soap she had, I used it and suddenly noticed my psoriasis not looking so “angry” after getting out of the shower. Later, when I dried off, my skin was not as red and flaky so I used it a couple more times and now I would use nothing else. My skin is almost all cleared up, still has patches but they are almost the same color as the rest of my skin and not all red and scaly. After spending thousands of dollars on medicines that did not work, your soap has done the trick. I am hooked now and will only use the Oatmeal Lavender soap from now on. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Peter Stauber

– Peter / Texas

Tried several bars for a month and I’m hooked. You’ve got
a great product. I’ve never liked heavy perfumes so I was very interested
in your unscented bars just for the lack of perfumes so common to
supermarket bars. However, the citrus bar just smelled so good I had to try
it out and I’ve managed to almost completely destroy the first bar.

I can’t really make out the various scents on my skin
after an hour or so (which is good, as I said, I’m not a big fan of strong
scents), but I definitely noticed that at the end of a hot day, I don’t
reek! I’m still sweaty and dirty, but any B.O. is definitely less
offensive. My girlfriend was the first to note this very positive change 🙂

Two other positive changes: I used to have calluses on my
hands that were always peeling and flaking. A month later with the butter
bar at the side of my sink: the calluses are still there, but no peeling, no
flaking. Tried the aloe baby bar on my hair as well. My hair felt a little
odd and “heavy” for the first three days, but then that sensation went away
and my hair is now substantially more manageable and easier to deal with
than it has ever been.

In any case, I think it’s time to “step up” a little bit
and see if I can’t get some family members and coworkers using these
products as well (and coming back to me for more), so this initial business
order. Again, thanks for producing a great product that more than backs up
the claims of its advertising!

– Regards, Ross

Before my cousin went to visit your outlet she asked if there was anything I wanted and included your website link. I am so grateful to her and to you. After browsing I asked her to pick up the oatmeal bars and the lavender baby soap bars. My 5 year old suffers from terrible allergies and had a full body rash just when we arrived to see my cousin. I immediately tried the soap and her skin was dramatically better within a day and the rash disappeared soon thereafter. Both my daughter’s and my baby son’s skin have never been softer. I’ve found all other soaps/baby soaps have left their skin dry. Now that I’ve found you I don’t have that problem. I also forgot to bring my facial care products with me and used your soap instead. My skin and face have never looked better. It neither causes breakouts nor stripped my skin of it’s natural oils. My face glows. I’m embarrassed to say that a good size of my suitcase back from our trip was filled with your bars of soap. After trying it I brought it back as presents for anyone that came to mind. I think your products are amazing and hope you are prosperous and have fun making them.

– D. S. / Israel

I just received my soaps and the Liquid Sunshine.
Last night I actually washed my hair with the Tea Tree soap. I couldn’t believe how clean and soft it felt. No residue at all! Who needs shampoo?
I can’t wait to try the Liquid Sunshine on everything around the house.

– Thanks! Kim

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I am loving the soap I received from your company. It is absolutely wonderful! I have been looking for ages for soaps like these! Someone gave me some all natural soap from Mexico a few years back and I loved it but up until now, I couldn’t find anything that even came close to that. I am looking forward to trying other scents and types from your company… but not real soon, this stuff lasts (another plus!).

Hi, Your soaps are absolutely the best (and we’ve used everything from Burts to exotic soap)…nothing compares to your quality! Thanks so much!! We like to keep a variety so that we can use the one that matches our mood; or even use one to give us a boost!!

– Thanks again, The Conwell Family

I just wanted to tell you that I tried the shampoo bar I
ordered from you this morning. My scalp feels better already! I never
expected that. I raved about it on my favorite message board.
(makeupalley.com) and even had several people at work check out your
website. I’m glad I found your company.

– Thanks! Molly

I am using the yoga mat cleaner on everything. I love it to clean the kitchen counters. The butter bar was great as a shampoo for my dog. He had no itching afterwards. My son loves the citrus soap. Thanks for great products~~

– Gretchen, Kansas

I just tried Liquid Sunshine for the first time. I admit that I was
skeptical of its powers.

I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve done two loads of laundry, cleaned
the bathroom, mopped the hardwood floors and the laminate floor. Chemical
laden cleansers haven’t ever done such a great job cleaning the bathroom
fixtures or the floors! I haven’t used perfumed laundry detergents in
years, but this is the first time that the clothes came out smelling CLEAN!

I could not be happier with this product! Minimal amounts of the
product produce fantastic results, plus the environment is not being harmed!

Thank you for your products (we also use Vermont Soap Bath & Shower
Gel) and thank you for the great links on your website.

– Suzanne

I have been using your Organics pet shampoo on my dog for about 8 months
now. It has made a big difference in his skin. He suffers from terrible
allergies and scratches a lot. We have done everything to treat the
allergies – shots, pills, creams, holistic treatments. Nothing has helped as
much as this shampoo! Keep making this great product!

K. McGowan / New

Dear Larry, I placed a variety order with Bill today. Once we find what works best for our daughter with her allergies and asthma we will place her on the list of people (ones with brains anyhow) who only use natural soap from Vermont Soap. I hope the floods subside and that all is well in Vermont. Hope to get back up soon and do some serious x-country skiing once more. Florida is great (for fish and fanatics) but there is no place like New England – if only I can convince my southern wife of that.

Again, thanks for all the advice and patience. The soap is the second reason I have shopped with you for over 15 years. The service and the personal attention is the main reason.

B.C. / Kissimmee, FL

I bought your butter soap after reading testimonials on your web site. I have Lupus, and also had extensive psoriasis that the doctors couldn’t clear up. After two months of using the butter bar in the shower, my skin was clear and soft, except for my scalp and fingers. I then started using the Lavender and Oatmeal as a hand soap, and your shampoo bar. Bingo!

Seeing the light, I next took a bar to work, to use instead of the soap they supply. Then I switched to your Liquid Sunshine as a laundry detergent. To make a long story short, I finally gave away all my chemical cleaners, and now only use your items. I am sold for life!

P.B. / Woodlawn, TN

The other day we received our third time order of the Tea Tree Castile Bath & Shower Gel. We had become very concerned about the Sodium Laureth Sulfate that is listed often as the first and foremost ingredient of just about any soap you can buy, even at those pricey bath boutiques! What to do? But then, we found you! We even use the Bath and Shower Gel as a shampoo, and it does a beautiful job. We truly do not want to use anything else again.

In addition, we have purchased your Oatmeal Lavender bars in the 7-bar Brick, and we are thrilled about those as well. It is so easy to cut the brick into individual bars, and the soap is wonderfully soothing. We will be ordering more of that soon.

Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic product. It is especially wonderful to know that there is an alternative to all those harsh detergents and chemicals, and even better to realize that the alternative is so much better than the previously used products. We just can’t thank you enough.

L. Harris / Connecticut

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Pet Shampoo. I have been bathing
my dog with it for a year now and wouldn’t use any other product for her. Her coat
is exceptionally shiny and her skin is clear and beautiful. Before using your pet product she was constantly licking and scratching. Now she is calm and clean and smells great. What amazed me most was how little I have to use for a wonderful lather and how great she smells after her bath. Even our Vet has commented on how healthy her coat looks and feels. Thanks for a wonderful product.

S. Whittier, California

I have to tell you, I have sampled many soaps in the past month, searching for a line to carry. And I have found it. I LOVE your soaps.
I love the way they look, feel, smell, and come packaged. Your product is beautiful, your service is excellent. I am excited to be partnered with a company such as yours, who pays attention to details. I look forward to placing another order soon!

Rhonda / Florida

LOVE LOVE LOVE your castile soap!!!! Thank you for making a product without scents!!!!!! I have a question about using your soap as a
laundry detergent. I noticed your liquid sunshine was made of the castile soap. Can you just use the castile soap as a laundry soap? And if so is there a different amount to use? Thank you so much!!!


I have to tell you that I love your Liquid Sunshine. I only received it
today, but have already washed several loads of laundry with your wonderful

It seems that I have been looking for good laundry
detergent for months. My husband is very fair skinned and seems to react to
most detergents on the market. In the last year I have tried every brand of
fragrance/color free detergent, however, I have been unsatisfied with less
than pleasing smell of my newly cleaned laundry. Your Liquid Sunshine,
however, leaves my clothes with a nice clean scent.

My environmental side likes your use of organic
ingredients and that you give me a wonderful alternative the petroleum-based

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

W. Harvey

I just wanted to let you know that I suffer have Fibromyalgia (which I have had for 7 years), and 3 permanently herniated disc in my back (also been 7 years of dealing with chronic pain), so I suffer from a lot of chronic pain, and after visiting many chronic pain doctors, and specialist and surgeons, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapist, chiropractors, I finally had given up and knew I would deal with chronic pain every day and nothing would soothe the pain ever! THEN Vermont Soap HAPPENED!!!!!

After reading about your products and using some of them I was shocked to see how fast and instant the results were! It literally BLEW MY MIND! I have been using the Lavender Ecstasy Bath Salts every time I have a flare up for my fibromyalgia. Which is roughly about once a week, I put in 3-4TBSP of the Lavender Bath Salts with the hot water. After I soak in the tub for about 30-45 minutes, it’s amazing how you can feel the magnesium soaking in through your body. It makes my flare up go away as soon as my legs touch the hot water, and the relaxing scent gets me ready for bed! I am absolutely in love with the Lavender Ecstasy Bath Salts!

I also have the Arnica Wintergreen Salve and I apply it directly to my back when I feel the pain from the permanently herniated discs and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! It started soothing my pain instantly! I do not understand why or how, but since I deal with the pain on a daily basis and apply it daily basis, (ONLY ONCE A DAY gets me through the whole day!) it works like a charm!!!!!! This Salve should be a drug because I’m addicted to the instant soothingness of muscle pain and aches!!!!

These two products are my absolutely favorite!!!! Thank you so much for showing them to me!!!

S. Messenger