At Last, Truly Organic Deodorant That Works!

Vermont Soap's Organic Deodorants are among the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards. Safe, non-toxic and made from 100% organic ingredients for people with sensitive skin and for reactive bodies of all skin types.

You asked us for an organic underarm deodorant that really works and actually lasts. You asked that it be safe, nontoxic, completely natural and sold in a cost effective size. That is not too much to ask for.

  • 100% Certified Organic Ingredients

    Certified to food safe standards and sealed by the USDA

  • Safe & Non-Toxic for Even The Most Sensitive Skin

    Free from chemicals and harsh ingredients

  • Free From Propylene Glycol, Triclosan or Alcohol

    Nothing toxic for your body.  Ever. 

  • Made in the USA

Real Customers, Real Reviews

No 'Bad' Ingredients

"After using this deodorant for several months now I can tell you that it works very well. There is no need to use a lot, it smells nice, and it's not sticky or messy. The best part of course is that there are no worries about any 'bad' ingredients. This is definitely a great product at a great price!"

T.M. from Cabot, VT

This Stuff Works!

"Well, I just got Vermont Soap Sage Lime Organic Deodorant. I love it!! I must admit, I have always sort of been on the smelly side... I have tried other organic deodorants with little success, after just an hour or two at my fast paced was like I used nothing at all. But this stuff works!! After several hours I still feel confident and protected."

A.J. from Hancock, VT

My Search is Over!

"I searched high and low for an effective organic deodorant. Just when I was about to give up my search after numerous options that just weren't cutting it, I came across the Sage Lime Organic Deodorant. Wonderful smell, effective product. Thank you, Vermont Soap!"

Kate from Burlington, VT

A Scent for Every Body, Find Yours





“People ask me what the active ingredient is,” Larry Plesent, CEO and Founder remarked. “I let them know that EVERY ingredient is an active ingredient. This is what natural formulation is about. There ARE no unimportant parts in a properly balanced natural formulation. The secret to the success of our deodorant lies in the years and years of experience behind the production of this formulation.”


100% Organic Ingredients
Certified to Food Grade Standards

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cornstarch, Essential Oils & Beeswax

All Vermont Soap products are formulated for people with sensitive skin.

GMO Free

Gluten Free


Improve the Effectiveness of Your Organic Deodorant

Blue Bar Body Soap, Tea Tree Bar Soap and FungaSoap are all products that help reduce the bacteria that cause body odor.  Another effective tip is to rotate your deodorant scents every few days to keep the bacteria confused.  Our Organic Deodorant Variety 3-Pack is a perfect way to get that done!


Since 1992, Vermont Soap has been replacing yucky petrochemical based products with yummy natural formulations made from organic oils and herbs. Safe, non-GMO and nontoxic; Vermont Soap has the natural solutions you need.