Do your products keep our ph balance and are they safe for the immune system?

I know that ph Balance is vital for the oxygenation of our cells, mineral absorption, enzymatic processes and metabolic processes.

So my question is, do your shampoos keep our ph Balance and are they safe for the immune system?

Hi Cristy,

While we do not currently make shampoos, we do make a lot of products for your skin.

Soap is the hygienic cleanser out bodies evolved to use. It washes away germs but does not harm our skin.

Poorly made soap has excess alkali in it, and thus would have a pH that is harsh and drying on your skin.

Properly made soap products have a pH your soap can work with and will not dry out your skin.

And yes! Natural soap is GOOD for your skin! (and your immune system).

All the Best,

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