Are all ingredients and packaging made in USA?

Are all ingredients and packaging made in USA?

Hi Kamilla,

We use a lot of certified organic palm and coconut oils. These are not grown on the continental US in any marketable amount. We buy these ingredients from an organic cooperative in Brazil that is recognized world wide for having the smallest carbon footprint of all the palm oil producer world wide. For every acre under production they put 3 acres into a Nature Preserve. We get our famous organic shea butter from Ghana, the result of 10 years of volunteer efforts in West Africa to improve the shelf life of village made shea butter while helping African women in remote villages. Additionally, our shea butter is HIPPO FRIENDLY contributing to the care and preservation of the last remaining black pygmy hippos in the region.

Our essential oils come from all around the world; Bulgaria, Canada, India and the US. Our peppermint oil, most of the herbs we use, most of our packaging, labels and bottles, all of our displays, our wooden soap dishes and hand woven washcloths are all made in USA; where we take raw materials from around the world and craft some of the mildest and most well made soap products manufactured anywhere in the world today.

Thanks for asking and for thinking about local issues.

We like to say, “Buy local. The job you save may be your own”.

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