Better Castile Liquid Soap

Liquid Castile Soap or LCS is a safe, effective and natural alternative to chemical detergent foaming products. LCS is a primary ingredient in many nontoxic cleaning formulas, and in natural and organic hand, feet and pet products.

The tricky part is to find one that cleans well (industry code word degreasing), that doesn’t rip your skin off.

Previous readers to this blog will recall that the secret to great soap starts with great crystals! To see a 1 minute video on soap crystals click here.

And the secret? The secret (drum roll please) is in our special slow cook method. Only this proprietary method of making LCS creates uniform medium size soap crystals which are the gold standard of soap making. THIS is the start of a superior liquid soap with extraordinary clarity and foam-ability; one that strikes an effective balance between being efficiently degreasing AND saving your hands.

Other benefits of the slow cook process include the ability to dilute LCS over 90% in water and it still foams! Buying concentrated LCS in bulk allows you to reduce plastic while saving money. You can make your own cleaners and foamers by following simple instructions and dilute the concentrate yourself. Not comfortable playing chemist yet? No worries! We sell ready-to-use Castile-based products too, such as our Liquid Sunshine Spray & Wipe.

Our test kitchen ONLY uses Vermont Soap’s Castile-based products for hand washing, dishes, pots and pans, kitchen and front room and bathroom floors, surface cleaning and….wait for it….killing flies! In over 15 years there has not been a single staff complaint about dry cracked hands from the cleaning products. Not one!

Unless you are an active person with oily skin, or only wash occasionally; use handmade organic bar soap on your body. Our Shea Butter Bar soap is excellent for dry sensitive skin and as a shampoo bar. Follow the skin type rainbow to find the bar soap that is right for your skin.

Here is a link to a slightly dated video of us making LCS in our old factory.

Thank you for treading lighter on our planet and your skin by “Getting with the Program” and using Vermont Soap products. At Vermont Soap we support organic agriculture as it is a soil building, carbon sequestering, chemical reducing, healthy product producing system. Which is exactly what we need to heal the damage caused by years of “I don’t care” means of production.

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Larry Plesent describes himself as a writer, philosopher and soap maker. He is also the founder of Vermont Soap.

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