Can I use Castile liquid soap in a high efficiency front load washer?

I have a HIGH EFFICIENCY front load washer. Can I use your castile liquid as laundry detergent? And if so, would I dilute. My washer uses very little detergent as it is, but I must use a HE detergent.

Hi Pat,

We make soap not detergent, so if using soap voids your warranty use what they tell you to use.

That said plenty of people use our castile soap products in their HE laundry machines. The one issue we saw was a clogged capillary feeder tube from the cup to the machine.

Someone pointed out that on the new machines this feed tube is only on the softener cup. Check your machine to see. The soap will eventually clog a tiny tube and it is not made in such a way as to be easy to clean or replace.

BTW Do not use softener (more detergent and fragrance at a higher price point) with soap. Soap and detergents are evil opposites and will annihilate each other.

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