Can I use Castile soap for laundry detergent if I have very sensitive skin?

I have recently become very allergic to sodium laurel sulfate and a huge host of other items ………… I am looking for some type of soap for my laundry and cannot seem to find anything – what would you recommend? Can the Castile soap be used? In what amount per load? Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank You

Hi Barbara,

Sorry to hear that you have a Reactive Body right now.

Detergent sensitivity is more common than you might think.

Unscented Castile liquid soap by the gallon (5 gal cube is the BEST buy) is great for laundry. Use this for dishes and dish washers too.

Liquid Sunshine is excellent IF you are not reactive to citrus oils.

Use the Butter Bar for skin (and fine and shaving), and Unscented Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer to sooth hot reactive skin.

Unscented Foaming Hand Soap is a blessing for daily hand washing.

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Remember: It is not that you are broken. That chemical stuff is no good for you anyway!

All the Best!


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