What can I use to kill grout mold in my shower?

Hi, do you have any products that will kill mold between the tiles in a shower? Thank you

This is a great question. Tile grout and sealers contain mold retardant chemicals. But over time their effectiveness lessens and we see various types of mold/fungus stuff growing on the grout between the tiles. The easiest, safest and most effective way to clean this stuff off is with Bon Ami. This is a 160 year old product. Near as I can tell it’s a mixture of powdered feldspar and lime. These guys still use the original formula so there is no weird fragrance or colors or inputs from chemical manufacturers. A can costs less than the toxic cleaners and is pretty easy to find.

Unfortunately these nice folks did not heed the Soapman’s advice when they formulated their line of “green” surface cleaners. I guess somebody in a suit with a nice full color brochure convinced them that diluted shampoo base constitutes a green cleaner! Regardless, try Bon Ami powder. It’s inexpensive and effective. I put the label that covers the holes back over half of them to better control the flow. Scrub into the tiles and grout with a small stiff bristled nylon brush. I scrub the shower when I am in there and leave it to dry right on the tiles overnight to put real pressure on the fungus. Then I rinse and scrub it off before taking a shower the next day. There is one corner in my shower that seems to harbor the mother spores. I throw some dry Bon Ami on it from time to time so I don’t have to scrub the tiles as often.





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