Castile Liquid Soap is too drying for my face. What should I use instead?

I have tried cutting Castile Liquid Soap with water and it is still too drying for my face. What should I use instead?

Liquid castile soap is de-greasing by nature. That means it removes more oils than it puts back. Most facial skin types are too sensitive and not oily enough to use castile liquids on a regular basis. Here is a quick guide to our soap bases in order of astringency:

  • Bar Soaps: Mildest and most moisturizing. Look for the skin type spectrum on every boxed bar and on our website. Different essential oils give the bar soap base varying degrees of pore-closing-ness. Shea Butter Bar for dry sensitive and Peppermint for Oily, with Citrus-y blends in the middle.
  • Foamers: Generally good for ALL skin types for hands and feet. We are launching a new milder foamer blend next month that will work as a body foamer for normal to oily skin too.
  • Gels: These are evolving quickly. Our newest and mildest Double Shea Sun Aloe Juice blend launches soon! Current soap gel formulas are great for normal to oily skin types.
  • Liquid Castiles: These are the hard working surface cleaner/hand/feet/oily skin multi-purpose blends. Less suitable for daily face washing for most.
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