Do you have a peppermint bar soap for dreadlocks?

I have dreadlocks and I find them much easier to wash with a bar of soap as opposed to a liquid. Some things that are great for dreads are aloe and peppermint, so the peppermint magic scented aloe castile liquid soap fit the bill almost perfectly, but it’s a liquid. I was wondering if you have that or anything really really similar to it in bar form, or if making that in bar form is even a possibility. Thanks so much!

Hello Anna in VT!

Thanks for asking.

Many dreadlocks have been successfully washed using our very special liquid soap.

I suspect yours will be happy as well.

What I do not know is what kind of hair you have and how often you wash your dreads, as these are factors that might affect your choice of dread soaps. Peppermint oil is stringent. If you have oily hair and wash them every four days or more this might be appropriate. If your hair is thin and not oily I would continue using handmade process bar soaps as these are the mildest and most appropriate for use on fine hair. I find that essential oils and hair do not mix well and over time the hair gets weird. It is hard to describe but the essential oils seem to make it dry and oily at the same time after 3-4 uses. There are three natural options I can offer you.

The first is unscented liquid castile soap. I put this first as it is the most likely product for you to use. People with very fine hair seldom go dread but if they do, our Coco Butter Unscented would be a very nice choice. I use the Butter Bar on my hair as my skin prefers this during the cold heating season which makes the whole process easier. Another option is our Baby Wash and Shampoo. This is a gel soap –thicker than liquid soap and more shampoo like in consistency. The organic guar gum thickener makes it a bit harder to wash out but it is a beautiful product with no essential oils added (I only recommend that essential oils be used on infants under 6 months of age to control diaper rash, a type of skin fungus).

Please email back and tell me which soap worked best for you and your hair type to add to my own body of knowledge.

Ja Love!




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