Free the Molecules

A big thank you to Governor Schumlin and the media for shining a light on the nationwide opiate addiction epidemic; a subject usually whispered about in darkened rooms far away from the children.

The fact is pretty much everybody in America is on something.

I went in for my annual checkup recently. Doc comes in and apologizes. Seems their computer lost my medical data. “Who’s managing your meds?” he asked.

He was incredulous that I was not taking any blood pressure, mood and anxiety, sleep disorder, Viagra ™ etc. medications. He could not accept that fresh air, exercise and sunlight, stretching, eating only good local non processed food and drink (and especially practicing having a good attitude) was able to keep anyone off of the cycle of legal addictions which are paid for by State mandated health insurance. Go figure!

Poppies and cannabis are fascinating plants. They manufacture molecules that exactly match chemicals already produced by our brains. Since these plants were around long before people brains were, we can only marvel at how Nature, rather than reinventing the wheel anew with every species, efficiently gathers parts from previous life forms to make new pieces-parts. This is incredible stuff and provides a clue into the art of natural formulation as well.

Cannabis molecules are the same as the molecules our brain makes when we get hit on the head. It seems our amazing brains have an unexpected flaw; they swell up easily, a condition that would often lead to death and soon the extinction of the species i.e. us. Fortunately DNA responded to the challenge with lightning speed and our brains developed a kind of app-patch.

Whenever people get whacked upside the head their brains produce cannabinoids; anti-inflammatory molecules that reduced brain swelling. Less brain swelling means a higher survival rate and so forth. At this point the survival of the fittest people can clap each other on the back and make appropriate noises.

Brains had long ago figured out how to produce opiates, which quickly dulled even very intense pain whenever traumatic injury occurred.

Ingesting those medicinal molecules makes ones less inflamed and irritated (cannabis) or creates an absence of pain (opiates). People in physical, emotional, spiritual or PTSD pain and anxiety are easily drawn to the relief these substances provide before the inevitable physical dependence kicks in. Ouch! This makes them very dangerous little molecules indeed! Because they do exactly what they were designed to do, pretty much everyone that you or I have ever met is at risk for opiate addiction at some point in their lives.

And because life often sucks and we can get irritated and inflamed in various ways it is very easy to understand why some people will have a propensity to become at least partly addicted to cannabis; especially if one is male and subject to getting irritated, or has bouts with arthritis inflammation. I will let you do the numbers on this one but its huge.

Long ago powerful sociopathic people made these powerful and addicting medicinal flowers illegal. You could still get them of course but at 10x the price and a much higher overall risk to one’s person. Ten times the real price is a powerful incentive to keep things right where they are. Now that 95% of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan please do not be surprised when Little Johnnie explains to you that heroin is cheaper in rural high schools than good pot.

Molecules are molecules kids! God or Intent or Natural Selection or E.T made our brains out of the same molecules as every other creature that came before us; and that includes plants. Good thing too because we can gather and concentrate plant molecules and use them to enhance our own meager internal supply. That’s why food and medicine work. Cool huh!

Governor Schumlin is right. Treating opiate addiction as a criminal activity is no treatment at all. The medical establishment created a shockingly large number of opiate addicts via the easy access to both legal and black market oxycontin; an time released opiate derivative, and similar drugs. These people are MD’s for God’s sake. Do you think they didn’t know the stuff was addicting? And now the medical establishment will make even MORE money by “treating” addicts with a synthetic opium compound; methadone, which is said by professionals to be even more addicting than heroin itself.

This is a horrific image of ourselves and our neighbors; trapped into a cycle of physical and emotional dependency upon these molecules. I believe there is only one logical solution to end this downward spiral.

I ask that we Free the Molecules! Declaring a natural molecule produced by our own brains and available in flowers illegal is simply absurd. Flowers are not criminals; only people are. It is time to end this nonsense and allow people to grow and use medicinal flowers and by-products for local consumption.

I must point out that homemade poppy preparations are much weaker than the stuff the local Doctor peddles. Getting people off of the Hi-Test and onto local organic is sensible, brings money home, saves family farms, beautifies the countryside and creates sustainable local jobs while maintaining the rural character of our beautiful State.

Blame whoever you want but opiate and cannabis addictions are here to stay. Let’s acknowledge the reality of the situation and vote to keep our dollars local. Sending our hard earned after-tax-income overseas to successful criminals creates a whole ‘nother set of problems anyway, corporate or not.

I hope Governor Schumlin will voice what we all know in our heart of hearts; that fields full of poppies and cannabis is not the worst thing that can happen here in Vermont.

Should keep the cows happy anyway….

This is the Soapman thanking you for paying attention to the molecules and accepting reality when it knocks you upside the head.



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