How Can I Make My Own Dish Foam From Concentrate?

I wanted to make my own foaming dish soap. You sell an 18 oz bottle of liquid sunshine dish foam. Could I buy your Liquid Sunshine All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate and use my own foaming bottles to make a dish soap by using the concentrate and adding a certain amount of water to it so it would perform like the 18 oz bottle? Thanks for any help or ideas you might have.

Sure thing Kelly. Dilute about 50-60% with water.

Hints: add Liquid Sunshine to the water not the water to the soap.

Use this trick to make spray cleaner using 5-10% Liquid Sunshine,

Always rinse the bottle 3x in hot water before refilling to keep it fresh.

Foam directly onto applicator or brush to use.

There you go Kelly. All the Best,


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