How would you say your liquid soap compares to Tom’s®?

How would you say your liquid soap compares to Tom’s® of Maine?
As you know Tom’s has been discontinued. I’ve tried sooo many liquid
bath soaps and Tom’s was the only one that did not dry out my skin.

The favor of a reply is requested.

Hi Carol,

I never tried the Tom’s product but here’s what I do know:

There are 2 basic ways to make liquid soap. The first is to take a blend of detergent chemicals that is basically a mild shampoo base and thicken it. Table salt interacts with cocoamidpropyl betaine (coco betaine) to form a clear gel and is one common way thickening is accomplished. This is an inexpensive way to get a decent product out there that gets the job done. HOWEVER, synthetic detergents were not part of our evolution and biology. We actually do not the know the cumulative effects of a lifetime of exposures to these new and novel chemicals. Needless to say many people (unofficial Soapman estimate is 12% of us) react to the scent, color, preservative or to the detergent base itself. The resulting dry cracked hands then require excess amounts of hand lotion. However, alcohols, scent, etc in the lotions may themselves dry the skin. And so the cycle continues…

A second system is to make a “castile” liquid soap from natural vegetable oils. Soap molecules DO appear in nature and no one ever got cancer from washing their hands with natural soap. However, even natural soap can dry your hands, though differently than detergents will. People can be reactive to one, many or all essential oils.

When coconut oil is turned into soap it foams great. BUT, the higher the percentage of coconut oil in the formulation, the more chance of a reaction. Dry skin often is a mild reaction to topical products including laundry residues.

The Soap Crew works hard for you to balance all these factors in order to bring you the safest, mildest, most functional and affordable products we can. For hand cleaning the foaming hand soaps we make have a unique creamy vegetable oil feel. Start with Unscented if you are feeling reactive right now. We also make a soap based shower gel. You might like it. People with oily and combination skin seem to do best with it. If you have dry irritated skin, switch to the Butter Bar, at least for a time. The Butter Bar is chock full of botanical skin soothers like shea butter and calendula oil.

Thanks for Asking Carol – All the Best!

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