I have a friend with pretty severe eczema on her face…. Do you have any suggestions?

I have a friend with pretty severe eczema on her face. It really flares up when she is stressed. My research indicates that it is probably a symptom of a deeper internal issue- maybe toxic buildup in the liver? Do you have any suggestions?

You know Mary, I believe this is often the case. Especially if drug, food and feather allergies (pillows) and interactions have already been ruled out.

Our skin and our livers (our filters) are intimately tied together. I look at it like this: Our liver blood filter gets clogged up and stays plenty busy with things like hormones and other natural stuff everyday anyway. Now add to that the burden of trying got filter out the innumerable artficial molecules we are exposed to daily. I start to wonder how we function and make it through the week! Stress just gives us more pesky hormones to clear out.

I think of it like an immune sysem gasket. Some days the gasket is plump and you can be fearless. Some days the gasket is stressd and thin and our bodies become more reactive to things we can otherwise tolerate with little notice.

Start by soothing the symptoms. Use Unscented Green Gold for this. Green Gold is chock full of natural inflammation soothing botanicals. It is the moisturizer/healing balm portion of the program. Wash face and skin with the Butter Bar. This is many of those same botanicals and herbs as Green Gold in it. Have her try washing her hair with Butter Bar occasionally – NO other hair stuff during this experiment! Hair chemicals dripping on sensitive faces is not conducive to the healing process.

Now have her wash 1 days laundry including top and bottom sheet and pillowcase in Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner. If she is reactive to orange oil use Unscented Castile Liquid Soap instead. No dryer sheets or fabric softeners please, and use a double warm rinse cycle if that is an option. This excersise will prove or rule out laundry products as possible triggers for her.

If she is still reacting after changing out these basic commodities ther are two possiblilties. She may be reacting to one of the botanicals we use (it will be obvious) and we can switch them out. Or, it may be something previously overlooked like a pillow stuffing allergy or chemicals in the water. A carbon water filter can provide a lot of comfort if she is chloramine or chlorine sensitive.

If she is not taking medication I always recomed a yearly course of sodium alginate for 6 weeks. This simple algin salt will pull a wide spectrum of toxic chemicals and metals out of the body. There are some modern Ayuvedic Doctors who use sodium alginate a lot in treating certain difficult conditons. Use a standardized extract with dosage adjusted for bodyweight. She will need extra cacium and lucene (Italian food) during the 6 week detox as some of these nutrients will also be pulled out during the detox.

Best of Luck Mary! While we never diagnose, treat or claim to cure any ailment, Vermont Soap products have helped thousands of reactive bodies to find comfort. It takes time to root out the triggers and find alternatives. Sometimes parasitic organisms like candida albicans(from taking antibiotics) have gotten out of hand and are attacking our immune system. Getting on top of them will help everything function better overall.

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