Is your bar soap bactericidal?

Is your oatmeal lavender for dry skin aromatherapy bar soap BACTERICIDAL?

-Gary in Colorado


Hey Gary!
Thanks for your question.

Killing claims ie “disinfect”, “sanitize”, “anti-microbial” and “bactericidal”, etc are FDA-regulated terms.

Vermont Soap with our 35 employees is nowhere near large enough to support an FDA lawyer on retainer and the management and record keeping required to support an FDA audit and the giant fines and recalls that come from making a paperwork error.

Additionally, applying antimicrobial chemicals on your skin is not without consequence. Vermont Soap has long been an advocate for continuing the phase out of Triclosan (tri-chlorine sanitizer) from personal care products. Several studies have clearly shown than these chemical products do not lessen long term bacteria colony counts. The bacteria remaining after their use is stronger and more virulent, though colony counts remain fairly constant over time.

Soap works hard for you in several ways. It makes the water more effective at cleaning, it wears down fatty cell membranes on microbes, and it helps to wash dirt and germs down the drain.

Hope that all helps, Gary.
All the Best,

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