Can people with latex allergies use Shea Butter bar soap?

Dear Soapman,

After reading several reviews and blog posts, it looks like the Shea Butter handmade bar soap is a best seller and the most moisturizing out of all the handmade bar soaps. My question: Can someone with a latex allergy use this soap? The site noted in previous blogs/posts that VS removed the latex out of the shea butter moisturizer, rendering it safer for latex allergy sufferers, how about the handmade bar soap?

Thank you, Soapman.


What a great question! Thanks for asking!

Unprocessed “raw” shea butter DOES contain latex so you are wise to ask first.

Fortunately a 5 micron filter removes latex and other trace impurities from shea butter. This means that organic refined shea butter would be fine for your use. That is what we use here at Vermont Soap.

When I was volunteering in West Africa I would grade shea butter in part by tasting it. Over time I became very latex reactive. You have my sympathies!

I safely use the shea butter bar every day for body, hair and shaving. Also the green gold, arnica salve and straight shea butter; again without issue. And yes, I have tasted the shea butter to confirm non reactivity.

I think you are safe here.

It is always a good idea to “patch test” a small area on one inner elbow (or forearm) to look for obvious reactions.

All the Best!


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  1. Sarah Taylor on December 3, 2019 at 8:18 am

    I never knew that raw shea butter had latex in it wow! I’m so glad that I found the site cuz I too have latex allergies. Thank you for sharing this post.