My husband has dry, red, itchy skin which soaps can we start out with?

Mr. Soapman

My husband has dry, red, itchy skin (inner thigh area). He was told it was yeast infection due to heat and sweat and was given Nystatin. It has not worked. In fact, he still has dry itchy skin and it’s 20 degrees. Which soaps can we start out with. I know that the soap may not help at all but would like to try something. Anything other than sit around listening to the doctors say “There’s nothing we can do about it. All you can do is keep using the medication.”

Thank you


Hi Judy,

Ouch! That sounds painful. Let’s assume the diagnosis was correct and this is yeast, or something yeastlike aka malesthesia furfur, which is fairly common – kind of like dandruff. Blue Bar (double strength tea tree oil with peppermint) might be just the ticket. Wash affected area 3-4x daily, leaving the soap on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. If the Blue Bar is going to work you should see improvement in 4 days or less. If nothing happens after 4 days, try lightly spraying vinegar on the affected area throughout the day and night. Some people do not like vinegar on their skin so watch for reactions. Rinse off with soap and water if a vinegar reaction occurs.

Let us know how the Blue Bar works for him, or if not, if the vinegar spray helped.



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