Soap Making Secrets

Hi Vermont Soap,

I watched several videos over the weekend of your operation in Vermont and the founders trip to Africa. They were GREAT! You have a very cool factory. It was also nice to see the founder giving his time and knowledge to those who are less fortunate. It was inspiring to see him helping to teach skills that will lead to self sufficiency.

I noticed the large soap molds appeared to be made of plywood in the Vermont factory. I’m just curious, what do you line the wooden soap molds with to keep the raw soap from leaking out? I would assume that the raw soap would eat away at the wood and leak out before the soap becomes solid. How many bars of soap come out of one of those big blocks? How much does the soap block weigh?

Thank you for your time.



Hi Tom,

There are many people who would like to know the secret of what we use to protect the soap and release it from the mold. BUT! That is a trade secret.

We pour up to 110lbs per block which makes about 400 standard sized bars.

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