I have a terrible rash. Am I allergic to my soap?

47 years old male. I have has a rash rash very bad for almost a year. Derm and allergist suggested patch test. It’s scaly burning inflamed red and hurts daily. I’m thinking maybe the soaps? I use dove bar and head and shoulders. Do you think your products will work?

Hi Tony. Ouch! Sounds painful. The only way to know what is causing this is through an elimination diet. This means eliminating every possible cause which should soothe the heat down considerably. You then add one thing at a time and wait a couple of hours to see what starts the irritation back up. Your doctor is suspecting that this is a dietary reaction, and he could be right. Fortunately for you it is much easier to test for topical irritations than for food allergies. Here’s how.

The most sensitive skin on your body is at your inner elbow on your forearm just below where your elbow bends. Dip the product (like Dove detergent bar) you want to test into distilled water and gently rub some into one arm. Leave the other arm alone for comparison. If you are reactive to something in the test product you will know it within two hours.

Test your shampoo, shaving cream etc the same way.

If you are reacting to detergents or artificial scents (toluene carrier) in your products pretty much everything will irritate your skin; from laundry to underarm deodorant to bubble baths, bath gels –you name it. If this is the case Vermont Soap makes products for people like you (and me) so no worries. Try some Green Gold Unscented to soothe the heat of the rash. Our Butter Bar (soap) is also unscented and full of herbal anti inflammatory molecules. Use it for hair and shaving when you need a soothing alternative.

Some municipalities are foolishly using chloramine sanitizer in the water supply. Find out if this poison is in your water. You may possibly be reacting to that molecule. If they started putting it in about a year ago this is worth filtering out with activated charcoal. Certainly you do not want to be drinking it.

Many people react to laundry products. Stop using fabric softener and switch to Liquid Sunshine multipurpose nontoxic cleaner if laundry products are suspect.

Rashes are your bodies way of telling you to stop doing something you are not yet aware of. Pay attention to the intensity of the rash. Keep a log of everything that goes into and onto your body. Then gradually replace anything that is not natural and is healing to you – inside and out.

If everything that goes into and onto your body is “medicine” for you; you will quickly be healed.

Reactions affect our mental and emotional states too. Stay cool and calm and figure your way out of this through careful observation. I have a new book “The Reactive Body Handbook” coming out soon as a free download. Sign up for our e-specials mailing list so you will know when it is done being edited and available.

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