Tips for Storing Salves and Balms

Store your Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer, Shea Butter, Coco Luscious and Arnica Salve in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and to maintain a nice even consistency. Oil based salves and balms are temperature sensitive. This means that they will be hard at cold temperatures and creamy at warmer ones. Choco Luscius might arrive very solid in the Winter (warm to room temps before using). Conversely it might be too loose when it arrives in Summertime (refrigerate for an hour before using). Being aware of the intrinsic temperature sensitive nature of organic salves makes them easier to use and enjoy as well as extending the shelf life of the product inside the jar, protecting your investment. Keep your salves and balms in the refrigerator to greatly extend the useful life of your products. Discard Green Gold if it turns yellow from air and UV exposure. Discard any organic personal care product that has a sharp rancid aroma or color change.

If your salve or balm melts (temperatures over 110 F will typically do this given time) it will separate into a liquid and solid layer. When it solidifies back the product will be grainy and less desirable to use in terms of look and feel, though still usable.  This is because the beeswax unattaches from the lighter oils when it melts and reforms into small grainy nubs when it re-solidifies. You can fix grainy salves, balms and moisturizers by heating them back to liquid, stirring the contents until smooth and immediately placing the jar into a freezer for about an hour. Tip: Place your lidded jar in a sturdy non-plastic bowl and cover with boiling water. It may take several changes of water to fully melt the product. Stir thoroughly and place into a freezer. The colder the better. The idea is to get the product to set up quickly. This insures a smooth, creamy finish and lower melt point when applied.

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