Tune In to Larry the Soapman on Relocalizing Vermont on WGDR Radio

Our own Larry the Soapman was interviewed on the radio recently about going toe to toe with Proctor and Gamble and other large corporations for the past 30 years.  Listen in as Larry explains all about his journey to all natural, organic soap and household products.

“Larry Plesent made himself into a human lab rat in the early 1990s, to find ingredients for a soap he could use without irritating his skin. When he came up with a recipe he was happy with, he founded Vermont Soap, which now employs dozens of people in Middlebury, Vermont. Plesent talks about what makes skin-friendly soap, how to compete in a market dominated by giant international corporations, why the movement to nearly cut soap use out altogether stinks, and more.” – WGDR

Listen to Relocalizing Vermont on WGDR Plainfield 91.1 FM / WGDH Hardwick 91.7 FM or listen via on-demand streaming for two weeks after air date (September 17th, 2020) in the 9am time slot at www.wgdr.org/on-demand 

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