Which Vermont Soap bar is the most fragrant?

I was in Vermont during the recently holiday and had bought one of the Vermont Soaps. I had used it and love it and wish I had bought more! Before I place my order… Wondering which soap has the most scent? Thank You.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for writing.

We try to maintain a fairly even level of boof in our bar soaps so one scent does not dominate the others on the shelves. There are now almost twenty scents to choose from. Because we use real essential oils, the scents actually do something besides just smelling nice. In fact, they alter the astringency of the soap. If you have pretty normal skin utilize the range of citrus scents including lemongrass and also Rosemary. Dry skin prefers the unscented or lavender products and mint family (including the Blue Bar) are good for oily skin.

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