Vermont Soap Commits to Public Television

I freely admit to an anti-television bias. As a spreader of “broad and shallow” societal cohesion it has no peer. But frankly I get tired of cacophony of the whole TV thing. Visual and audial sensory overload just makes me want to curl up with a good book anyway. Thank goodness we have Public Television.

Described as “Television for Citizens”; PBS provides entertainment, education, and in-depth news coverage for people looking for something more than the usual glossy fare of mainstream offerings.

And let’s face it; TV ads are out of control. Whether it is the sudden increase in volume when the pitch starts, or the endless repetition trying to hypnotize us into believing pink soft drinks qualify a “natural” and EVERYONE needs an SUV; I think we all agree that commercials pretty much ruin the viewing experience. The whole thing is so…frenetic!

No wonder people spend so much on cable packages.

Public television has sponsorships rather than ads. Yes there is a somewhat bland 15 second audio/visual spot that highlights a company, but these sponsorships are a far cry from the usual “Look at me!” ads trying to jump out of the television and into your brain. I actually LIKE to see who is sponsoring a show.

Vermont Soap says YES to Public Television and NO to endless mind drivel.

Disclosure: Vermont Soap just signed a four month sponsorship commitment with Vermont PBS.