What do your products smell like?

Where may one find fragrance descriptions for your products? Thank you!

Lavender: This is Vermont Soap’s signature lavender blend (not your Great Grandmother’s lavender).
Forget the mediciney, overpowering and often synthetic blends of the past, this is a clean light lavender blend with hints of citrus and echoes of deep woods. It reverberates in the heart and is both calming and cheering.

Citrus Sunrise: If you could capture sunlight and happiness in a scent this just might be it. Light as a Spring morning yet full like good Asian food. It will put a smile on your nose.

Peppermint Magic: You’ve heard it all before; bracing, refreshing, uplifting. Look for a broader boof here beyond the twangy one note of less complex blends.

Sweetgrass: Complex best describes this sophisticated lavender/clove blend with hints of forest and garden.

Woodspice: An organic blend similar to the original Old Spice™ blend.

Patchouli (now Patchouli Rose:) Like patchouli on steroids. Rose geranium and patchouli compliment each other in a clean, refreshing and spiritually uplifting blend.

Rosemary Herb: A layered lavender rosemary blend which reveals itself over time. Lavender combined with mystery…

Balsam Pine: A blend of North American evergreen oils. Like a walk through a balsam pine forest.

Blue Bar: A double strength tea tree and peppermint blend.

Shampoo Bar: Very lightly scented with our signature lavender blend; as is the Baby Bar soap.

Honey: A citrus clove blend with notes added from local honey.

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