What is your best product for hand washing dishes?

What is your best product for hand washing dishes?

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I like Liquid Sunshine, Lemongrass and Unscented; in that order. Most liquid castile soaps including Unscented will do a good job for you without the chemical detergents and residues. Most of us Americans have gotten used to lots and lots of long lasting foam when we wash our dishes. Synthetic detergents can be formulated to foam better and last longer than most soap products ever could so natural soap is used a little bit differently.

Rather than squirting the liquid into a basin and washing from there, you will want to saturate your scrubby applicator as your primary soap source. I like to put a little into the basin and also put some in the applicator. Set really greasy pans to soak in their own hot water and soap. Always use a hot water rinse for best results!


So for hand dishwashing, for the most natural and safe and effective product, the Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner Concentrate is better than the Organic Castile Liquid Soaps? And which is the most natural and safe and effective product for laundry? I’m excited about your product and looking forward to trying several items, but finding dish washing liquid I feel comfortable with has been almost impossible. By the way, I discovered your company through Mary Jane’s Farm magazine!
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Nancy Lee Cryer
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Liquid Sunshine is a kind of Castile Liquid Soap so it is all in the family. The least reactive product would be unscented castile soap if there is a chance you react to orange oil or even lavender oil. If not, I really do like the extra grease cutting we get from the Liquid Sunshine citrus blend. Whatever product you choose you can use it for laundry, dishes, hand cleaning etc. Look at other posts and the Liquid Sunshine web page for more information and tips on using our products. All the Best!


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