What soaps are safe to use on a baby?

I saw that a woman was recommended to use the lavendar gel body wash on her baby. I’m trying to buy gifts for baby showers, and was wondering if that lavender gel body wash is truly safe for all babies since it’s not listed under your “baby care” section of the website. Also, I saw people making baby wipes with castile soap, would you recommend your soap for that use? Thank you!

Great questions! Here is my opinion on the subject.

The Soapman does not recommend using essential oils, detergents (as in shampoos) or petrochemical unguents (mineral oil and paste) on infants under 6 months of age.

My reasoning is:

a) infant livers are not full functional until 6 months

b) there is an increased risk of molecule specific sensitivities when infants are exposed to the modern world too quickly

c) a Danish study with infant mice strongly indicates that Sodium Lauryl(eth) Sulfate is quickly absorbed through skin and can potentially damage the optic nerve (skin to optic nerve, NOT absorption through the eyes to the optic nerve) Extrapolating human time from mouse time we once again get the 6 month age limit.

d) Castile soap baby wipes is a pretty cool idea and way safer than detergent wipes. Castile soap is the natural liquid foaming agent that replaces detergent foaming bases.

e) I have a saying, “Scent is for moma. Baby doesn’t care”. That is why our simplest, least reactive soap gel is the unscented baby gel/shampoo


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