What’s the best product for cleaning chiropractic equipment?

Good morning! I have a chiropractic office and we use your hand soap through the Greenline Paper company. I am looking for an organic cleaning and disinfecting product to use on my naugahyde-ish covered treatment tables and was wondering if your Yoga Mat Cleaner or any others would be most appropriate to clean and also not damage the material. I use saddle soap every few days to protect them from so much cleaning these days. Thanks for your help!

-Marc from Hagerstown


Dr. Marc,

Thank you for reaching out. Here is what I recommend:

Yes, one of our castile soap based organic cleaners is right for you. Factors to consider include the porosity of the surface and the effect of the buildup of saddle soap over time. I would go with your intuition on Yoga Mat Wash. If it is too concentrated (hard to wipe off the soap, it will be obvious) pour out 25% and very slowly (so as not to make suds) add water to the bottle to dilute. Save what you pour off to refill.

Soap kills germs but it is not instant. I would spray down the couch, spray some onto a clean cotton rag that does not leave threads, and then wipe it all down with your damp rag. You might use too much the first time as you get the hang of the product. If you do use too much just wipe off the excess with a paper towel and finish with a soft cloth. Remember there is a safety off button for shipping on the neck of the sprayer.

Once your couch is clean, give it a light spray of Izaroma. This is ethanol based and essential oil based. No artificial denaturants other than peppermint oil. Allow it to evaporate. Ethanol takes 42 seconds to kill 98.9% of the remaining germs when used appropriately and in sufficient quantity.

You can set up a wholesale account with us online if you want. We have 64oz Yoga Spray available if you like the way it works for you and if you can’t get it from Greenline. Izaroma is not available in bulk but we are releasing a 14.5 oz Izaroma refill on the first of July. Air the room a couple of minutes before bringing reactive bodies in there.

This is the same basic procedure we have been recommending for reopening restaurants.
Other products that might be of interest include unscented everything, Liquid Sunshine Nontoxic Cleaner and Air Fresh, our room freshener line.

Stay Safe! All the Best.
Larry Plesent aka Soapman

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