What’s the difference between Shower Gel, Castile Liquid Soap and Baby Wash?

I would like to know what difference between Shower Gels, Castile Liquid Soaps and Baby Wash are.
I saw Organic Guar Gum in Shower Gels and baby wash, Is this ingredient safe? I am looking for something gentle. I tried other Castile Soap and it dried my skin. Not sure if I need to add more water or not. Which one is the mildest between all 3?

Organic guar gum is a food ingredient used to thicken certain products. It is completely safe.

Soap is made of soap crystals. The size and shape of the crystals are one of several factors effecting the mildness and foaming characteristics of the soap product, whether liquid, gel, bar or foam.

There is also something called “Lauric acid harshness”. Translation: too much coconut oil in the formula, a common error in craft soap making.

Essential oils are concentrated herbal medicine. It takes a room full of lavender to make a gallon of lavender essential oil. Dryness or harshness might be a precursor to a reaction to a specific essential oil. It is always good policy to stay aware of the ingredients that you are consuming; whether through your mouth or through your skin.

I recommend the Shea Butter Bar for dry and sensitive skin. It is my skin’s personal favorite product. I use it to wash my thin/thinning hair effectively, to shave, wash face and body. It is our BEST selling bar soap. Many of the ingredients and extracts are duplicated in Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer. It is an incredible product for dry irritated skin. Keep Green Gold and all oil based natural products in the fridge!

Baby Wash is the mildest.

We make different formula base liquid soaps which we can thicken or thin to make different products with different properties like how degreasing vs moisturizing the base is. This is the fun part of making natural products. The hard work is creating and manufacturing the base formulas.

Full strength is Castile Soap and Liquid Sunshine, hand wash is diluted to suit the dispenser. If we thicken the castile with guar and glycerin it turns into a milder gel.

Bottom line: The mildest soap that can be made is (properly formulated, made and cured) handmade or cold-process bar soap. This process allows the master soap maker to create uniform medium sized soap crystals, a process we like to think we have perfected here at Vermont Soap.