Which of your soaps is best to preserve the microbiome of our skin?

Hello! Which of your soaps is best to preserve the microbiome of our skin, the most hydrating and leaves the least residue?

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Fantastic question Monty. Love it. Look, soap is mildly alkaline and sudzy, two things that are useful in controlling bacteria, virus and fungi that want to colonize you while you sleep. See the documentary “Life on You” for more on that. Using organic soap wisely allows you to have some actual control regarding your skin biome.

Without knowing you or your skin I generally recommend foamer soap for your hands, Blue Bar or Fungasoap for feet, shea butter bar soap for body, shaving and washing fine hair. Also use Castile soap based cleaners so you don’t wreck your hands. When you do wreck your hands or get sunburnt get familiar with Organic Shea Butter. Shea butter is the Swiss Army Knife of salves and balms.

To keep you and your skin biome healthy all of us at Vermont Soap ask you to join with us in our mission to help the world replace yucky stuff with yummy stuff. We do it one product and one body at a time. We call it the Get With The Program program and it sounds like you are well on your way already.

Be Well Monty!

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