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Which Toothsalt Product Should I Use?

We are often asked “Which Toothsalt product should I use?”.

The correct answer is BOTH!

Neem Toothsalt is specially formulated for gums and bad breath. We put a serious amount of organic Neem leaves in there and it is meant to have a positive effect upon oral mucosa. Neem twigs been used in India for thousands of years as a combination natural toothbrush and dental floss to maintain teeth and gums.

The Soapman writes:

In 2004 I was teaching soap entrepreneurs in West Africa. I had been having issues with my gums and decided to give Neem a try. I cut a small green twig from a nearby Neem tree and used my pocketknife to peel the bark off of it. Using the pointed end like a toothpick I “flossed” my teeth. Then I chewed one end until it was soft and used it like a toothbrush, using a little water for “toothpaste”. The taste was strong and reminiscent of tea tree oil. After two weeks of doing this once a day my gums tightened up and stopped bleeding and the degradation slowed to a near stop. I returned to Vermont determined to use the magic of the Neem tree in at least one of our products.

But….brushing with Neem leaf tends to temporarily yellow teeth. For the best of all worlds use Neem Toothsalt at night to fight gum issues and Peppermint Toothsalt in the morning for clean fresh breath and white clean teeth. Voila!