Who is Nell?

A young Tasha Tudor

Tasha Tudor

Ever wonder who the lovely lady in our logo is? Well, our Japanese customers often assume she is Tasha Tudor, a noted children’s book illustrator. Even though she was born in 1915, Tudor lived a 19th century life. She wore bonnets and full-length skirts and fitted bodices. She milked goats, used flax to make her clothing and lived by a homespun wisdom. This romantic, rustic lifestyle really lent itself to her artwork. She painted in a beautiful, whimsical style that accentuated the charm of a simpler time, of family and of friendship. Tudor, who learned how to paint from her mother, illustrated nearly 100 books and won two Caldecott Honors for her work on Mother Goose and on 1 is One. Tasha Tudor died June 18, 2008.

NellOur logo lady is actually named Little Nell. We commissioned an artist to create a woman inspired by Tasha Tudor that embodied our goals and ideals as a natural soap company. Nell may not be a real person, but she values a simpler, more natural life much like Tasha Tudor did.

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